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The best beauty chocolate treatments to do in winter

R.icco of benefits, as well as delicious, cocoa is an excellent beauty remedy: 5 chocolate treatments to try immediately and include in your beauty routine

The chocolate it is not only a greedy food, but it is also a beauty remedy with many benefits. In fact, in the beauty world there are numerous chocolate treatments that are perfect for facing the winter, giving you wonderful hair, glowing skin and fabulous nails.

A special ingredient

Fruit of a tree with the scientific name Theobroma cacao, this name comes from the Greek and literally means “Food of the gods”. This plant is part of the Sterculiaceae family and can be found easily in South America and in various parts of the planet. Today it is grown in numerous tropical areas with a humid climate, such as Asia Oceania, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia. We also find it in Brazil and Ecuador, although most of the cocoa is grown along the west coast of Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

The tree produces particular fruits reminiscent of cedar and are characterized by an elongated shape, with various colors based on the degree of ripeness. Evergreen and luxuriant, this plant can reach a height of over 6 meters and has a century-old life. The taste of chocolate is linked to the percentage of cocoa present, making it more or less bitter. It has very important nutritional properties. Each cube contains 8 grams of fat, 6 grams of sugar, 2 of fiber and 2 of protein. However, chocolate is not only excellent to taste, but it is also an extraordinary ingredient for the beauty of skin, hair and body.

The benefits

The benefits of chocolate are numerous: it improves general well-being and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the high content of iron, copper and magnesium, it is a good for epithelial cells. Its effects are immediately visible on the skin as it acts deeply and quickly. It also provides the skin with essential elements to improve hydration, toning and elasticity, allowing the body to fill up with vitamin D, C and E, football and B vitamins.

Taking high percentages of cocoa allows you to increase the natural protection of the skin, especially during exposure to sunlight. It therefore helps to quickly solve problems related to erythema or damage caused by UV rays, not only in summer, but also in winter. But it doesn’t stop there! A square of cocoa helps reduce cortisol, the stress hormone that is responsible for breaking down collagen, preventing wrinkles. Finally, a further advantage concerns the hair, which thanks to cocoa will be able to fill up with minerals that promote regrowth and cell renewal.

Chocolate treatments

Not everyone knows that cocoa (yes, what makes chocolate delicious!) Is a very useful substance from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, it allows you to take care of your face and body, introducing it into yours beauty routine with creams, masks or scrubs. Let’s discover five special treatments, five pampering to give you for a unique relaxing break.


Do you dream of radiant and very smooth skin? To clean it deeply, you can try a cocoa scrub. Melt some dark chocolate and when it is warm add coarse salt. Finally pass the mixture on the face to eliminate all impurities. Don’t forget the décolleté for a perfect treatment! As soon as you have rinsed you will immediately look different, with more hydrated and radiant skin.

Anti-cellulite muds

Cocoa is an excellent ally to fight cellulite. Have you ever tried wraps? They smell delicious and are super effective! Finely chop a bar, then mix with warm waterto. You will get a creamy mixture to massage into the skin. Insist especially in the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks for a firming effect that will amaze you! Remember to wrap your legs with cling film and give the treatment time to act.

Hair mask

Treating your hair with chocolate is always a good, indeed, a great idea! In fact, it gives a renewed appearance to the hair, making it beautiful and moisturizing the scalp deep. You can also make a DIY cocoa hair mask at home. First, melt a few cubes of fudge in a double boiler, then add a little sweet almond oil. Mix well and apply all the mixture along the length of the hair, paying close attention to the ends. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse with plenty of warm water. The result will surprise you, especially if you have brown hair that will be even more shiny!

Bath salts

Do you want to feel like a princess? Then give yourself a long, detox and relaxing bath based on chocolate! You can prepare the salts directly at your home. Just chop the dark chocolate, add coarse salt and pour everything into the bath water. The effect will be slightly exfoliating and nourishing, a real pleasure for your skin and mood!

Face mask

The chocolate face mask is super greedy and nourishing. To create it, dissolve a tablet in a bain-marie, then apply on the face – when the mixture is warm – with a brush, and leave on for 15 minutes. Take some time for yourself by relaxing and lying on the bed to flip through a magazine, listen to music or read a book. You will see that afterwards you will feel more beautiful and relaxed!