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Shatush short hair: how to choose the right cut and color

S.hatush on short hair? Absolutely yes. With a few strokes of color on the right cut, you can have a super cool result. Would you like to know more? In this article you will find all the useful tips to make a flawless shatush on short hair

You have short hair and you want to try some shades of color on your mini lengths? The shatush is the right solution. Forget the legend that recommends it only on medium or long hair: with an expert hand and on an ad hoc cut, the discoloration on short locks it can really make a difference. Stars of the caliber of Michelle Williams, Miley Cyrus And Ruby Rose who have tried a rather varied range of shades: from brown to blond to copper red, the choice is truly vast. How to do the right one? We explain it to you in this article!

Shatush short hair: the choice of cut

The wow effect on mini lengths is guaranteed if the lightening And natural. It doesn’t matter the base color: it works on blondes, browns and reds, just take some precautions. Let’s start with cut. In general it shatush on short hair works best on haircuts that are not too short – such as lo short bob – precisely because the color does not start from the roots; a pixie hair, for example, doesn’t really lend itself to a technique like this. If, however, you have the very short hair, the solution is to bet on a undercut with a tuft or with bangs so that the color can be concentrated precisely in these areas. Have you already thought about giving us … a break? Experiment, with the advice of your hairstylist, a very short or asymmetrical wob. In general, a choppy scaled cut he manages to emphasize this a lot bleaching technique and to emphasize all kinds of shades. With a few nice exceptions like these below (which you can get inspired by). Before analyzing in detail all the types of cut, here are some tips on colors for the shatush.

Shatush on short hair: how to choose the color

The choice of color is one of the most important phases because it determines the final result a lot. The main rule is always to skim choosing between cold and warm colors and then move within these two macro categories. Here are some general rules. If you have the dark or brown hair, the choice of colors is wide: from dark blond, to light brown to copper and hazelnut, you can experiment with a palette with many colors. You don’t necessarily like them all: so try first on one of the many Apps to see the result before proceeding with the color in a definitive way (no panic: shatush it’s not like the classic permanent coloring, you can always intervene to change the final effect). If you have a light color, our suggestion is to opt for a color as close as possible to the natural one: golden shades, copper, wheat, caramel, icy blond and ash, just to name a few. Attention: on all these shades you can intervene to change the tone to very particular nuances such as pink, purple and all pastels. If you want to give a particular twist to your hair look, consider this possibility. Sui Red hair, the choice is a little less wide: copper, brown and mahogany should be dosed taking into account that dark colors can turn off the base color. If in doubt, a shade is better ton sur ton. Let’s see in detail how to make shatush on all different hair colors.

Shatush Short Brown Hair

If you have the short brown hair, the nuance to be evaluated is the shades of copper or caramel. The goal, in fact, is not to bleach tout court but create light effects on the lengths so that the lightening is not clear and is as natural as possible. A couple of ideas based on the cut you have. If you have chosen a pixie with an over tuft or fringe, you could apply the shatush only on the tuft or on the fringe while if you have a short and layered bob with the longer front you can work on strokes of color applied along the contour of the face as suggested by the technique of face framing.

Caramel shatush short hair

Needless to repeat, the caramel it really is the passe-partout sui color brown hair or dark blondes. It is the shade that most of all manages to bring out the face brightness. Not only. You can mix it with brushstrokes of light and dark blond to emphasize even more the movement of the hair by creating a particular optical volume (that’s why it is perfect, if you have short and fine hair). Here are some ideas you can get inspired by.

Shatush short red hair

If your base color is red, the game is played on shades of copper and mahogany, or plum or pomace (the former on lighter reds, the latter on darker hair). For those who love to dare, there is also the intense red which can be mixed with the other shades for a multicolor effect (which obviously requires a very expert hand).

Blond shatush on short hair

The blond it is the color that perhaps most of all lends itself to shatush. This coloring technique is ideal for warming up the lengths (even when mini) or, on the contrary, making them more particular, for example with a finish icy. How to choose the right shade? Honey, the gold and the caramel they are perfect with those who have the warm skin undertone, while the very light polar blond is indicated to those who have the cold undertone. Here are some examples of blond shatush on short hair for warm undertones and cool undertones.

Shatush short bob

Shatush works best when applied to short bob, because it really manages to give light and movement. With its scales and shades, the short bob is a haircut that “does not bore” and for this reason in general it is the most suitable cut for this technique. The color can be applied on the ends or on the lengths: also the possibility of being able to choose where and how to bleach, allows the shatush on the short bob to push to the maximum on personalization.

Shatush on short curly hair

If you have the short curly hair, the advice is to apply the shatush on the tips. For the particular type of hair, the color can be applied to alternate strands, in order to create a light and shadow effect very particular.

Shatush on short hair: pros and cons

Sui short hair shatush can increase hair volume modeling the cut and working on the intensity of the color. Since it is not a color that covers all the hair, it can be a great help to refresh the look without drastic changes, but rather adding intensity and character to the base color. In addition, since it does not start from the roots of the hair, it cannot damage the hair follicles or the scalp like some “strong” coloring techniques. Plus, it’s ideal if you have to cover the first white hair. In the face of so many advantages, there are also some characteristics of the shatush that must be evaluated before deciding whether to do it or not. It must be said, in fact, that especially on short hair, it will be necessary to do frequent retouching as the hair grows. If the hair is curly with very tight curls, then, the effect of the lightening will not be particularly visible, while on black hair it will be necessary to exclude all the lighter shades of brown (and make a discoloration first to avoid too strong a contrast). Finally, even if this bleaching technique does not damage the hair, it is good to avoid doing it too frequently to give the hair time to regenerate.

How to apply shatush on short hair

On short hair the shatush focuses on the tips, whether the cut is scaled or asymmetrical. We therefore try to lighten the lower part by going upwards gradually by massaging the hair. On very short ones we tend to lighten only the fringe or the tuft, in the central part and not near the roots. For it shatush on short hair, our advice is to always contact your trusted hairdresser to choose the color and cut together. If, on the other hand, you want to make shatush at home, always remember to buy a quality product and take a test to verify its tolerability.

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How to handle shatush on short hair at home

THE short hair they get dirty sooner so you have to wash them more often with products for colored hair And nutritional masks to be done at least twice a week. Try to use as little as possible stylers such as irons and plates not to weaken the hair. Problems split ends? Use an oil or an ad hoc product that can also give a boost of hydration.

Shatush short hair price

The shatush price on short hair It can change from 70 to 100 euros. It is higher than a normal dye, so much so that depending on the color required, it can even reach up to 200 euros. The cost can also be determined by any additional treatments, such as masks or serums, very useful for protect hair from coloring.