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THE muds are a beauty treatment often associated with the spring period but the reasons for considering them also in winter are different

THE sludge I’m a natural treatment whose primary action is fight cellulite and water retention and make your legs and abdomen feel much lighter.

We often think of them in the first heat, when summer approaches and we try to run for cover in view of the moment in which to expose a few centimeters of extra skin.

Approaching mud in this way, however, is not very positive, first of all because there is no reason to worry about a phantom as well as non-existent costume fitting, and secondly because in doing so you ignore the numerous benefits that doing mud in winter brings.

Before listing the most important, however, let’s clarify what sludge really is.

What they are and how they apply

Usually, mud is a compound in which they live together thermal water, which, depending on the type, brings with it specific actions and benefits; a solid component in turn formed by clay and bacteria, algae or humus; and some active ingredients, namely natural extracts deputies to carry out a draining and anti-inflammatory action. The most common are gotu kola, bilberry, ivy, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut but not only.

Whichever type you choose, there are two methods to take advantage of its benefits: go to a wellness or spa center and rely on the hands of experts, or opt for one home made solution, much cheaper and just as effective.

As we said, their function is to fight cellulite and the like but the reasons for choosing to do mud in winter are many others.


They enhance the anti-cellulite treatments

If you are doing another treatment to fight cellulite and the Orange peel, match us i sludge can prove to be very useful because they accelerate and increase the benefits.

The reason is very simple, by applying the mud on the affected area an insulating layer is formed which increases the temperature of the skin and consequently the poles dilate. Both of these factors allow the active ingredients of the anti-cellulite treatments to penetrate better into the skin and more quickly into the circulation.

They improve the skin texture

Another advantage, often underestimated, is that of make the skin extremely velvety, aspect that especially in winter when this part of the body is covered, we tend to neglect.

Natural scrub effect

Regarding this magical effect, it is to be found in the composition of the mud itself. Their earthy texture, in contact with the skin it generates a slight abrasive action, capable of eliminating dead cells and impurities. In short, making mud also means practicing a natural scrub of your own body.


They are not sensitizing photos

Not all body and face treatments are accessible without having to think about additional protection against the sun’s negative rays afterwards. Some, indeed, they are photo sensitizers, that is, they cause a lowering of the natural level of protection of the skin from its negative rays. Precisely for this reason they are absolutely banned for the most sensitive skins or which already in normal circumstances respond more violently to any burns or exposures.

However, this problem does not concern sludge in the least. Undergoing a pack of this type, in fact, does not increase the chances of skin damage caused by the sun, so you can do it with serenity even if you are planning a day at high altitude, under the winter sun which, even if it does not seem like it, generates same damage as the summer one.


They force you to take a moment to rest

Autumn and winter, much more than the warm seasons, are usually characterized by intense work and study rhythms and pressing deadlines. Taking a break is therefore sometimes a must and whether you choose to do mud treatments at home, in a beauty salon or in a spa, undergoing this treatment also means take time for yourself, in which the thousand sources of stress are only a distant memory.

Once applied, in fact, it is impossible to move, you just have to wait patiently that they have their effect.

What better time, then, for to chill out, doze off, listen to music or read a few pages of a good book.

To generate a huge source of extra pleasure in those moments is also the application itself, as it involves a massage and that the skin comes in contact with a super comfortable velvety texture.

In short, the reasons to enjoy the moment 100%, especially in winter when arctic temperatures and other negative events put us to the test, are all there. Don’t miss them.


They also help against acne

You may not know it but there are some types of sludge that they can also be done on the face. This type purifies the skin and generates an antibacterial action that keeps away acne and blackheads.

Doing them in winter is recommended because it is a time of the year when the skin suffers particularly from the cold and other harmful atmospheric agents, therefore, it needs extra care.