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Gypsy hoop earrings, double face dressing gown, rich blouse, flared jeans and platform. Sporty, casual and chic look


He never forgets his commitment to civil rights Drew Barrymore (46 years old) and also demonstrated it at the MTV Ema, in Budapest. Where is it awarded the Social Change Award to five LGBTQ rights activists +. And if this did not please the Orbán government, already under observation by the international community for discrimination, never mind.

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For this actress, whose surname sums up the history of cinema, nothing is too strong or unconventional, to the point of embodying the ups and downs of Hollywood. Between highly acclaimed films and nominations for the Razzie Awards as worst actress. Which does not lack, however, the star on the Walk of Fame.

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Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore photographed on October 27, 2021, at the exit of “Good Morning America”, New York City (photo Getty Images).

Earrings A great classic of the gipsy style, the hoop earrings are back in a bon chic bon genre version, as a sophisticated sportswoman. How come you would expect from “bad girl” Drew.

Coat When simplicity hides a careful study of proportions and solutions. In a robe, it comes close to the waist with the belt. Double face, show lighter turned-up collar and cuffs.

Blouse Embellished with lace and embroidery, it creates an interesting contrast with the casual accent of the clothing. Perhaps for the white, perhaps for the richness of the decorations (Chloé).
Trousers The strength of jeans, the solidity of platform shoes: and the style takes a more aggressive note (27 October 2021, at the exit of Good Morning America, New York City).


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