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Colored locks: the inspirations to copy this hair trend between the 90s and early 2000s

Land colored locks are back in the spotlight, and conquer young and very young people. Let’s find out the history of this trend together, how to wear it today and all the most beautiful looks to copy!

The colored locks they are the right compromise for anyone who wants an essential, quick change of look with a decidedly vintage flavor – without upsetting their hair color. This technique, also called money piece highlight or frame blonde, provides the lightening of two small front locks, to be worn on the sides of the face, both in the classic blonde and colored version. It is a localized discoloration – very popular during quarantine because it is easy to carry out even at home – which therefore allows you to illuminate the face and refresh the color in a faster and less invasive way, without damaging the entire hair.

But where does the trend colored locks? These partial lightening takes us directly back to the mythical ones 90’s’, where together with the meches, they stood out from the hair of actresses and pop-stars. A revival that seems to please blondes and brunettes who want to move the color and give a little light to the face without trying radical changes.

The Spice Girls and colored locks, icons of the legendary 90’s

It is the 90s, the radios are continuously reproducing hits of the caliber of Wannabe and 2 Become 1, and Gery Halliwell he enchants everyone with his looks that will soon make pop culture history. In addition to the now famous Union Jack Dress, Ginger Spice’s look has become famous for red hair with blonde locks framing the face.

Avril Lavigne and her pop-punk princess look

Another mythical variation of colored locks, this time in a rock version. The punk-princess Avril Lavigne – Queen of Emo and Scene Queen – makes an entire generation dance to the tunes of Girlfiend. In those years, she showed off different hair-looks with colored locks and extra-tension, strictly pink.

Colored locks 2021: this is how the stars wear them

In the last year, also thanks to the great comeback of 90s fashion, even stars and celebrities could not help but show off a shower of colored locks. A famous look is certainly that of Dua Lipa: the pop star charmed millions of fans with her two-tone look with lightening on the nape and front. The contrast? Very clean, blond and black.

Another lover of colored locks is undoubtedly Bella Hadid: the model enchants millions of admirers with her ultra-sophisticated and pop looks with a vintage flavor. Last January, she wore an orange-red money piece in contrast to her flowing brown hair.

Colored locks on the front: e-girl fashion

The e-girl – or electronic girls – populate and conquer the web with their ironic and sharp personality and with their passion for everything digital and online. Their charm has been able to break the boundaries of TikTok, social video sharing where the trend seems to have formed, to inspire the look of millions of women, but also of stars and celebrities. Their hallmark? Surely the dark hair and the face framed by two bleached, blonde or colored locks.

Colored locks on blonde hair: try the contrast look

For a really strong and effective look, on blonde hair dares to red in all its shades. Our favorite? Darkly the brightest and most fluffy one, for a Ginger Spice look, but in reverse.

Front colored locks on brown hair: the most loved by generation Z

The quintessence of the e-girl look? The hair left natural, and the face framed by two colored – indeed, bleached – very blond locks. True TikTok addicted.

Colored locks under the nape – the new frontier of two-tone hair

Do you want a touch of color, but don’t want to upset your image? Instead of on the sides of the face, try the colored locks at the back of the neck. The result? A two-tone see-through look that is truly intriguing and original.

Pink colored locks – for real pink addicted

The colored locks are a trend with a 90’s flavor but certainly loved by generation z. The queen of TikTok Charlie D’Amelio sports a smooth bob hair with a fluorescent pink money piece.

Purple colored locks – the most intense shade

The colored locks in shades of purple give each hair. This wavy black long bob is made really special by the colored locks at the nape of the neck, for a beautiful two-tone effect.

Colored streaked locks – for a true nineties look

A great classic of the 90s, the meches are lightening on whole strands more or less thin that go from the roots to the tips. Try them in a colored version, to wear this great classic in a decidedly cool way.

DIY colored locks: here’s how to recreate them at home!

Desire of colored locks, without going to the hairdresser? Do not worry, this look is not particularly invasive, so with a little dexterity it is possible to recreate it even at home, with really satisfying results.

The first step is definitely lighten hair. For this, we recommend a special kit, which is suitable for all hair types, and which contains active ingredients capable of not damaging the shaft. Section your hair carefully with the help of a fine-toothed comb, leaving those you want to lighten loose and carefully tying the part you don’t want to touch. Apply the bleach from mid-length to the ends, then ending with the roots, remembering well to saturate the whole strand with the product. Ps: remember to wear a shirt you don’t like anymore so as not to do damage with the bleach!

Once you’ve bleached your hair and decided on your desired color, it’s time to toning, or dye the colored locks. If you want a blond or a pastel color, on bleached hair, a toning will also be fine. For lovers of fluorescent colors, on the other hand, real colors go free. Et voila!