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Balayage Rosa: secrets, techniques and hair inspirations from vie en rose!

THEThe Pink Balayage is the right choice if you want to add a touch of color to your hair without too sharp head shots. Beautiful on blondes and brunettes, let’s find out together how it is done, the most beautiful colors and all the inspirations to copy!

Desire of Pink balayage? Don’t worry, we are with you. The times when hair dyeing was a pure necessity are now a distant memory. Now the color of hair is a real style accessory, an act of self-care and an infallible way to best express our personality. We have often talked to you about balayage, the shaded and very natural lightening technique that allows you not to have too sharp gaps between roots and tips and above all to illuminate and give movement to the hair. Today we want to present you the more colorful version, girly and romantic of this trend: the pink balayage. Beautiful on long or short hair, brown or blonde, straight or wawy, we are sure that this color and its thousand shades will conquer you.

Pink hair balayage: the right technique and how it is done

The balayage, especially if destined to welcome a lively color like pink, it is an operation technique and not without pitfalls. For this reason, our advice for fabulous hair is definitely to turn to yours hairdresser of trust. The first step to obtain a perfect pink balayage will be a lightening brought to a height of 10 tone, or to a platinum blonde. The hair must be lightened so much that it no longer has golden reflections, which could cause color variations once the pink reflector is applied. Of course, the more golden you will find on your slightly lightened hair, the more the pink that will be applied will become โ€œwarmโ€, tending towards salmon pink – very beautiful but far from the real pink, which is by nature a cold color.

Furthermore, the lighter the pink chosen, the more frequent the maintenance will be, as it will tend to fade easily. So go ahead with shampoos and toners to maintain color even at home.

Pink hair balayage: here are all the coolest ideas to copy!

From very light pastel shades to full colors and intense, for yours balayage pink there is really plenty of choice. We have selected the most beautiful inspirations to keep and take with you to the salon. A word of warning: it will be very difficult to choose just one!

Pastel pink balayage – the soft touch of color

For hair that winks at the pop world and the heroes of comics and action films, try a very sweet pastel shade for your pink balayage.

Pink Balayage: Try it on blonde hair

Pink balayage is beautiful on blonde hair: the two shades combine perfectly without creating sharp detachments, for a delicate and hyper-feminine look.

Balayage rose gold – for precious hair

Rose gold is the most precious shade for your pink balayage. The mix of warm and cold undertones makes it very bright and perfect to enhance any hair.

Balayage peach: and the hair lights up with reflections

Peach pink is a slightly orange shade with a warm undertone. Easy to maintain, it looks great on blonde or brown hair.

Coppery pink balayage – the warm and intense shade

A touch of red, and it is immediately coppery pink! This warm, luminous and enveloping tint looks beautiful on dark hair.

Balayage Rose Brown – the softest shade

Just some reflections on tips and lengths for those who want to experiment with the trend without overdoing it with color.

Pink gradient hair? Try the shatush!

For those who absolutely do not want to go unnoticed, it will be enough to prefer the clearer chromatic play of the shatush technique to the delicate shades of balayage.

Pink balayage – on dark brown hair

For a modern princess-style contrasting hair, mix the naturally brown value of your base with cool pink tips!

Give your short hair character with Pink Balayage

Pink balayage is also beautiful on short hair! An extra touch of color to illuminate and give character to the look!

Pink Balayage: Beautiful on bob hair

Add personality to your bob cut with a pink balayage: beautiful the ‘dipped’ effect that colors only the tips.

Straight hair? Enhance them with a pink balayage

To show and enhance the skilful play of bleaching and shading to the fullest, nothing better than a very smooth crease.