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Hair clip: the flannel is back in trend

Un dip in the 90s where the hair clip, in its thousand and more versions, reigned in the hair, more or less long, of many. Today the hair pins par excellence is back among the hottest accessories of the moment and celebrities just can’t say no to the flannel.

From Chiara Ferragni to Dakota Johnson passing through Kaia Gerber And beautiful Hadid: all crazy about the hair tongs, much better known as flannel. After being forgotten for years and hidden in some beauty or drawer, it has now become a real one must have. So cool that the it girl the whole world can no longer do without it.

Whether it’s for leisure or a more formal occasion, you can bet on it, the flannel is now back on the scene and it’s time to discover the coolest models and styles to copy to wear it at its best.

What he wears Chiara Ferragni, in addition to setting trends, it goes sold out in a few minutes. Same thing goes for the dolphin-shaped flannel that he wore last spring: signed by Le Manso, it is made of original plastic from the 80s. The bronze color goes perfectly with the warm blonde of the digital entrepreneur and her half ponytail. To copy.

Hailey Bieber decided to wear it even on the longest night of the year: December 31st. For her, one of the most classic models ever: lo spider clip in turtle pattern. For her, long hair is completely gathered in a twisted ponytail. In full ninties mood.

Who says short hair and a hair clip can’t marry perfectly? Just choose a thin model, also ideal for gathering the finest hair. Just as the supermodel Kaia Gerber in this Instagram shot where she sports a fiery red flannel. You had it too, right?

If the most chic and parisienne of influencers wearing a lilac flannel who are we to decide not to follow her right away? For Jeanne Damas not only the hair accessories they come from the 90s, but the total look including the denim mini skirt and the total black t-shirt.

An idea from which to take inspiration: match the hair clip to a total white maxi pull. As for the choice of the flannel, it is good to follow a basic rule: the longer the hair, the larger it must be to be able to collect them all in a single hairstyle.

The hair tongs, like all elements that have seen a return from the past, today they are decidedly cooler and more delicate. Like this model from structure in gold-colored metal and with light and barely hinted lines. So delicate and elegant that it hardly looks like a flannel.

This hair clip mint color is a real blast from the past, not only for the color but also for the typical shape a little back. Really unmissable and ideal for making even the most modern looks unique.

There are so many hair clips, large or small, elegant or casual, and here you will find a selection of the most beautiful to make your hairstyles unique.


La Manso – San Blas


Leontine Vintage – Cherry Blossom Hair Claw


Parfois – Set of hair clips


Villa d’Assia – Hair Clip Tortoise M


Pieces – Pcamik Hairshark


Oysho – Hair clip


Asos Design – Large brown resin hair clip


NA-KD – Teardrop hair clip


H&M – Metal hair tongs