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There lard and chickpeas pasta it is one of those recipes of the past, a few simple ingredients whose flavors blend masterfully with each other to give light to a small masterpiece of taste and texture. If you don’t have lard you can try replacing it with bacon: it won’t be the same thing but it will be equally delicious. I’m sorry to say, but there is no veg version for this dish: you can only change the recipe and opt for a simpler pasta and chickpeas 😉


Procedure for preparing lard and chickpeas pasta

Cut the lard into cubes; drain the chickpeas, rinse them well, then sciacciatene 2/3 with a fork, keeping the rest whole.

Brown the garlic, lard and chilli pepper with a little oil, letting the lard brown well, then add the chickpeas (both whole and crushed ones), remove the garlic and add a little hot broth to make them creamy.

Cook the pasta, drain it al dente and toss it in a pan with the sauce.

The lard and chickpea pasta is ready, serve it immediately.

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