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Even cut: ideas for long, medium, short and fringed hair

THE Even hair is officially back in fashion and the reason is very simple: it enhances the face, it is suitable for both fine and thick hair and are perfect in combination with short, long or medium cuts. And, yes, you can play them down with a tuft or a fringe (not necessarily even, in this case).

If your scaled hair has bored you, it’s time to opt for an even cut. Long, short or medium – you decide. Provided, of course, your lengths get a clean cut, in the truest sense of the word. The options are so many, perfect for all hair textures, but also for any length. When it comes to even cuts, in fact, there are not only the Blunt Bob or the French bob: long and short hair, in fact, can be effectively enhanced by disciplined tips, especially in combination with effect hair colors glossy, which make the hair almost liquid. It seems like a choice too soft? Try an even cut with fringe or tuft and add the twist it deserves to the hair. He will take care of the rest styling: if straight hair is ideal, waves and curls can be enhanced by an even cut, with no rebellious locks to contend with.

Even cut on long hair

The identikit of a long and even cut is very simple: symmetrical, perfect and without scaling. The lengths fall softly on the shoulders, creating a full and compact effect. Here because even cuts for long hair are ideal for fine and very thin hair, which need to give body to the hair and get enough volume. Often, in fact, layered cuts risk emptying the lengths. An advantage also for wavy and curly hair: the choice of an even cut, in fact, is perfect for giving a new discipline to the hair. An indisputable advantage, then, concerns the hairstyles you can create. Even cuts, in fact, will allow you to say goodbye to unruly locks and hairpins to try to keep them under control. Does long, even hair seem too heavy to you? You just have to add a side tuft.

Medium and even hair: the symmetrical bob

The even helmet looks good on everyone. And above all, on all lengths. If the Blunt Bob has now become a classic, in fact, the even and collarbone lob is the versatile even cut suitable for all occasions.. Medium and even hair, then, can be combined with a fringe or a side tuft. The combination can create very different styles: think of the famous Valentina bob by Guido Crepax or the bob with a central line a la Lucy Boynton. Obviously, styling can make a difference too. A medium and smooth even cut, in fact, has aappeal very different from even, medium and curly hair. In the first case, in fact, the clean cut will be further enhanced by the fold, in the second the cut it will become much softer.

Even and short haircuts

Do not think that short hair is not suitable for experimenting with sharp and even cuts. In addition to the classic very short bob, in fact, the short and even cut to try is the bowl cut. Except for the shaves, in fact, the cut is made up of even lengths. The bowl cut fringe, in fact, is known to be perfectly even, resting delicately just above the eyebrows. In this case, symmetries are crucial: short and even hair, in fact, must be proportionate to the millimeter in order to fully enhance the face. The effect is geometric and rigorous, but also contemporary and very pop.