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THE wholemeal waffles they are a delicious but also light recipe, ideal for those who want to have breakfast with taste but without exaggerating. Few, very simple ingredients that will allow you to obtain tasty waffles, soft inside and with a light crust on the outside, but also perfect for a balanced meal. I served them with raspberries, pecans and a little icing sugar, but you can really range from the classic maple syrup to the more local Nutella, as you prefer!
PS: now that I publish these it comes to my mind that I still miss the wholemeal pancakes on the blog… I’ll try to make up for it at the earliest opportunity!


Procedure for preparing wholemeal waffles

Put the flour in a bowl, add the yogurt, egg whites and honey to the center and mix, finally add the milk too (don’t be sidetracked by the photo: I used the yogurt cup to weigh the milk).

Cook the waffles on the special plate following the instructions of the appliance and in any case until golden brown.
As they are cooked, move them to a serving dish and season with a little maple syrup.

The wholemeal waffles are ready, you just have to garnish and serve them.

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