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Acid hair rinse: which hair is suitable for?

R.acid rinse on the hair? Absolutely yes. Here are the reasons why to do it, when to do it and how to take care of your hair in a targeted way according to its characteristics

When it comes to natural cures and remedies to guarantee beauty and well-being to our hair, one cannot fail to refer to one of the simplest and most effective treatments that can be done: acid rinse for the hair. A beauty step that, as the name itself indicates, is performed by applying an acid substance on the hair itself which, thanks to its properties, acts to rebalance the ph of the hair, guaranteeing softness, shine and all the health they need.

A do-it-yourself beauty treatment that can be carried out comfortably at home with commonly used and one hundred percent natural ingredients. In short, a care and a pampering for super easy hair but with a guaranteed effect. For hair that is always at the top, shiny and beautiful. So here’s what it is, when to do it and how to adapt it according to your hair and needs.

Acid rinse for hair, what it is and why to do it

For those who still don’t know it or have never tried it, acid rinse is a long-standing treatment specific for the hair. Especially to give it silkiness, softness and an incomparable brightness. Look proof. A step that is performed after the usual cleansing with shampoo and conditioner and which serves to wash away any traces of limescale present in the water and to reduce the effects on the hair that can occur due to the basic pH of the products used. But not only.

Among the benefits that rinsing with an acidic substance can bring to the hair are:

  • the reduction of the frizzy and dull effect on the hair;
  • the closure of the cuticles;
  • greater protection of the foliage from external agents;
  • the restoration of the levels and optimal conformation of keratin;
  • the general improvement of the hair health and scalp.

In short, a truly unique health and beauty ritual, easy to perform but highly performing for the well-being of your hair.

How to do it

A treatment that, especially in this one cold season, it can really improve the look of the hair. And that can be done safely, independently. Provided in the correct way.

Going to rinse the hair in all its parts by massaging it gently or soaking a cloth with the acid solution chosen, dabbing the hair and favoring theabsorption of the ingredients. For maximum and complete care. And obviously without exaggerating.

The acid rinse, in fact, does not have to be done after each wash. Very well run it one time a week, so as not to stress and dry out the hair, and always with the right ingredients.

acid rinse how to do

The ingredients

Among these the most common are the lemon and apple cider vinegar. To be used in both cases diluted in warm water:

  • the juice of one lemon in a liter of water;
  • apple cider vinegar always mixing a tablespoon in a liter of warm water and gradually increasing the dose based on the amount of water.

In addition to a whole series of others natural ingredients excellent for acid rinsing such as citric acid, beer, chamomile, etc., and specific products available on the market.

And taking care to perform this type of treatment in the best way also based on the type of your hair.

lemon acid rinse

An acid rinse for each hair

Although this type of hair care is suitable for anyone and everyone every type of hairprecisely because it is natural and delicate, depending on the peculiarities of the hair, there may be “better” ingredients than others.

If you have oily hair, for example, it is good to use ingredients that have purifying and antiseptic properties such as lemon, beer, rosemary. Able to normalize the sebum production going to restore the balance of the foliage. To do this, it is good to gently massage the scalp, allowing the acid rinse to act in depth and in the most effective way.

acid rinse hair

In the case of curly or particularly dry hair, this type of treatment is excellent and indicated if performed a regular cadence. To act frequently and repeatedly on the hair, giving it shine and softness without attacking it, but protecting it step by step. Guaranteeing perfect, defined and super silky curls every day.

And always taking care not to improvise the doses or exaggerate with the acid element but adapting everything to the type of your hair. By increasing the quantities if your hair is long or decreasing them if you have short hair. So that you can really benefit from this super simple yet dal treatment unique result and always insured.