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New haircut: all the tips on how to choose the right one

V.Do you want to change your hair look? Do you already know how to choose the right new hairstyle? Follow the advice of the expert!

Do you want to change your hair look but have doubts about how to choose the new ideal hairstyle for you? You are in the right place because we asked a Sergio Carlucci, Co-Founder of TONI & GUY Italia, to clarify some doubts with some advice to be on the safe side. Read our interview (in which you will also discover which hair cut is the easiest to manage among all those possible!).

What should be considered when choosing a new hairstyle?

When we decide to change our hairlook, we have to take into consideration various factors from the most emotional ones to those that affect our personal characteristics. It is certainly important to understand how we feel at that moment, what season of life we ​​are in and the message that we want to communicate with the new cut. No less important is the type of hair and morphological characteristics related to the face.

Does the choice of the new haircut also depend on the color?

Color is a very important factor in choosing our hairlook, as it has properties of tighten, broaden, highlight or shadow some features of the face. It is therefore good to take into account the color effect factor when you want to change your hairlook.

Short: all the rules to follow to manage it better

In order to easily manage the short cut at home, it is important that it is created in a workmanlike manner and tailored taking into account the type of hair first of all. The reason is simple: a tailored cutaccording to the specific needs of the person, it does not require much care and with the help of products and brushes anyone can always obtain the desired styling.

Short haircuts: all 2022 trends to choose from to change the look


Short haircuts: all 2022 trends to choose from to change the look

Pixie cut: is it really a cut for everyone?

Almost because it is a cut not recommended for women with very marked or square features and with an excessive amount of hair. What really matters, however, is the personality of those who wear this style, not suitable for those who do not want to expose themselves.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of long hair?

The long hair is versatile, offers the possibility to vary with styling and hairstyles and for some types of hair it can be very “comfortable”. However, the long one needs a lot of care, especially if the hair is abundant. It is enough, however, from time to time to do a few small ones modification to renew the hairlook and everything becomes simpler.

Why is the average cut still so popular?

Without a doubt the medium cut is thehairlook of the moment because it offers some advantages of the long cut and some advantages of the short one. Plus it is an evergreen because it is very versatile and adapts to many types of face. I do not recommend it only for those with a square or very rounded face.

The easiest cut to manage?

Without a doubt the cut of equal length on the shoulders.

New haircut: climbed yes or no?

It depends on your hair and your goals. The layered cut increases volume and movement but it can impoverish matter. It becomes important, therefore, to rely on a serious professional who will be able to advise you according to your needs and desires.

Tips for a new haircut (in short)

For all types of cuts: consult an expert, especially when it comes to transforming the hair look more decisively.
If you want a short cut: yes to the pixi except if you have a too square face and marked features. Choose the color carefully because it can emphasize or hide some features of the face (this applies to any hair cut).
If you want long hair: you know you can have fun with hairstyles (it is the most versatile length), but pay attention to the maintenance and use of ad hoc products.
If you prefer half size: it is the look of the moment and is very popular because it adapts to all types of faces. Not recommended, however, on square or very rounded faces.
You have long or medium / long hair and you are undecided about what to dothe? Go for a cut of equal length on the shoulders – it’s the easiest to manage!