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Nail art for spring: colors, ideas and inspirations

S.ì, it is always the right time to talk about manicures and, if you are looking for color, nail art for spring is the inspiration you have been looking for (and here you are in the right place).

Who is looking for nail art for spring happened to be in the right place. Romantic, delicate and never banal: these inspirations will make you fall in love with the world dedicated to nailsallowing you to find out what the trends will be related to this time of year.

And if flowers and butterflies are pure avant-garde for you (semicit.), Perhaps the time has come to go further and discover not only glthe spring trends but also i colors, designs and moods that will characterize the nails (whether they are in gel, polish or semi-permanent) and will fill the upcoming summer with color.

Light blue

Unmissable will be the blue for the spring 2022 and will be declined in many shades, including the lightest softened such as light blue. Ideal for one missmatched nails where styles mix on all five fingers.

French Very Peri

If he says so Pantone the color of the year cannot be missing even in spring and, this time, the idea could be to decline it into one french delicate and just hinted at on almond-shaped nails. Perfect for the lilac shade of Very Peri.

A thousand shades of color

If you can’t decide which color to go for you can always opt for all the colors of the palette, just like this nail art that uses neon and pastel colors for a spectacular finish.

Three-dimensional pearls

Spring rhymes with delicacy and for this reason applications 3D for this season they follow the same trend. An idea: small pearls applied on a french with brighter and stronger colors.

Flower power

There is no spring without flowers and this nail art is the proof. The mood, then, recalls the 70s vibes and we love the moments to death revival.

Yellow pale

We keep talking about flowersbut this time just hinted at and combined with a delicate and super feminine color: the yellow chamomile. Doesn’t it convey tranquility at first glance?

Happy manicure

Spring also brings a desire for colors, to laugh, to find friends and to play with colors. And why not follow the same mood also for the nails? For us this nail art is perfect!

Flowers and french

A little cartoon, a little 80s. We could thus summarize the mood of this manicure that plays with color contrasts and a total nude base to which marked contrasts are added in pure style. Keith Haring.

Love love love

It is always the time to celebrate love and, besides Valentine’s Day, spring is also the perfect time. How to do? Transform i little hearts pinks and reds in softer, pastel colors and just mentioned.

Shades of glitter

THE glitter they deserve attention all year round and not just during the holidays and New Year’s Eve. For this reason we have chosen this manicure where shiny elements of different sizes and colors blend at the tip of the nail.

Line nails

The lines have been protagonists in many nail art and today they return once again, but more subtle, alternating colors and styles. To copy to the next appointment.

Spring blue

This time it’s the sky from spring to give us inspiration and it does so thanks to its full, intense and vibrant color. A softened blue that pairs with abstract and barely hinted hearts, for those who believe in love but don’t want to make it too obvious.

Sticker mania

Small, just hinted at but full of color: they are the sticker and in spring we will see them make a lot of nail art unique. Emoji and more that will enrich everyone’s nails with a simple do-it-yourself gesture.

Word to the stars

We read the horoscope every day (or almost) and we let ourselves be guided by the constellations, it is the minino to pay homage to him by adding some star also shimmering on nails.