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Cassie Euphoria make-up: all the tips to redo her make-up

THEDo you like Cassie di Euphoria’s make up? All the tips for copying it immediately, including eyeliner, glitter and kissable lips

Tormented, beautiful, seductive, Cassie Of Euphoria is one of the most intriguing characters in the series. Tormented by a difficult childhood and constantly seeking men’s attention, the young girl played by Sydney Sweeney tells her moods through the make up.

The beauty looks of the series

What makes girls special Euphoria – Rue (Zendaya), Jules (Hunter Schafer), Kat (Barbie Ferreira), Mandy (Alexa Demie), Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) – it’s not just their stories, but the ability to tell personality and moods through makeup. In the series, which explores strong themes such as drug abuse and toxic relationships, make-up is a key aspect. The result are episodes that offer an intense visual experience, with beauty looks to copy.


The changes from the first to the second season

“The makeup is used in an emotional way to help show the kids’ journey through the show,” explained director Sam Levinson. Behind Euphoria’s iconic makeup is Doniella Davy, visionary makeup artist and Emmy winner. The trick therefore follows the evolution of storiesso between the first and second seasons of the show we notice a very strong change.

“We will have to start preparing to see less glitter and rhinestones – Davy had anticipated shortly before the arrival of the new episodes – because the next chapter of Euphoria will take an even darker turn and the make-up will reflect, of course, all this. Moments of fireworks make-up will alternate with more minimal make-up, even in some scenes I have not used any type of foundation, to maintain the rawness of the moment “. And so it was. Even the sweet and tormented Cassie, used to soft waves in her hair and naked lips, gave way to eyeliner and glitter to become a seductress.

Cassie’s makeup

Played by Sydney Sweeney, Cassie is a sensitive girl and at the same time very competitive. She experiences emotions in an intense way and undergoes the judgment of others. With Lexi, her sister, she shares a difficult childhood, marked by betrayals and the divorce of her parents. This affected her relationship with love and partners.

Sydney Sweeney

Season 2 of Euphoria for Cassie has kicked off explosively. With a Maddy in the hot tub on New Year’s Eve, with a manicure and a make-up to scream. In her eyes, the young woman chose to create a eyeliner with rhinestones, applying diamonds to the eyelid to better define the crease of the eye. The manicure with scarlet red nails is amazing in which a heart appears with a diamond in the center.

In the following episodes Cassie will experience an emotional breakdown caused by the sense of guilt, and then slip into a new obsession: the desire to be noticed at all costs by Nate. We therefore see her wake up at 4 in the morning and obsessively perform a ritual to get to the best meeting with the sportsman. Cassie use face roller And gua sha stone to prepare the facial skin for make-up, then go on to create a graphic and brilliant make-up. In the corridors of the school we see her steal Nate’s attention thanks to a make up similar to Maddy’s with eyeliner and glitter on the upper rim.

How to copy it

Rhinestones, luminous effects and glosses: Cassie’s beauty look has some fixed points that cannot be ignored.

  • The base – Cassie’s make-up is always studied in detail starting from the base. The young woman takes specific care of her skin and focuses on a natural and luminous make-up base.
  • Eyeliner – I cat eye of the protagonist of Euphoria they are very special because they are created starting from rhinestones. The small diamonds, applied on the eyelids, create a seagull wing with a chic and innocent effect.
  • The blush – Cassie has a perfect complexion, obtained with a peach blush that gives freshness, but also the effect of a skin wet with tears.
  • The lipstick – Gloss, gloss and more gloss: to copy Cassie’s beauty look this is the basic look. The Euphoria actress does not give up on natural lips, focusing on wet-effect lipsticks that start from nude and turn towards orange.
  • The hairstyle – To complete Cassie Howard’s beauty looks there are always hairstyles. In fact, in each episode the young woman loves to show off different hairstyles. We see it with the front braids and soft blonde waves or with style crops Bridgerton. The young woman also focuses on semi-collected in which she plays with her hair, leaving the lengths wavy and loose, and with boxer braids with free frontal tufts.