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Alexa Demie nails: inspirations and tips to have them the same

USuper glam nails like in the TV series Euphoria? Of course yes. Here’s how to show off Alexa Demie’s nails and tips for having them the same

Long, very long, practically infinite. The Alexa Demie nails in Euphoria they are truly unique, beautiful and inimitable. Or maybe not. Because if you too are wondering how to show off nails super glam like those of Maddy know that yes, it is possible. Taking inspiration directly from her and from her looks of her that are conquering us so much in this second season of one of the most popular TV series absolutely in recent years.

A manicure created by the skilled hands and creative flair of the nail artist Natalie Minerva. Which directly inspired by the personality of the Maddy character, has been able to grasp its different facets, bringing it back in an impeccable way even in this very important detail of her beauty look. Giving it even more uniqueness and depth. But how to create them also on our hands. Sporting the same nails as Alexa Demie in Euphoria in our daily life?

Simply by following the style tips of the same nail artists and drawing inspiration directly from the coolest series of the moment. The first thing to know, therefore, is that Alexa Demie’s nails in Euphoria, as well as those of all the other protagonists, are nothing more than acrylic nails. A much more resistant technique than gel, as it is much harder and more durable.

In fact, therefore, they are made by combining acrylic powder with a liquid monomer, creating a protective layer on the natural nail and forming a extra strong base which allows you to create real artistic masterpieces directly on the nails. Modeling them before it solidifies to your liking.

For example by showing off the nails of Alexa Demie aka Maddy, hourglass or more squares. As long as they reflect your personality, just like in the mood chosen in the series.

And for the style? Well what to say, the interpretations to be inspired by are so many. From black and white graphics to those in shades of green. Up to a French manicure in shades of black and with chrome tips. To combine with your casual or more sophisticated outfit but, above all, that reflect your personality, just like in the case of Alexa Demie’s nails.

But always with that extra touch of absolute originality and refinement. Aspects that will make your nails the real stars of your look. For a wow effect guaranteed wherever you are.