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Touches of light and y2k aesthetic inspiration: Hailey Bieber’s hair definitely sets the standard

ANDcco the real trend to imitate of the new spring: the style and hair of Hailey Bieber, to give you a touch of light and a look in a y2k aesthetic key to be copied

Spring time, time to change your look. And i Hailey Bieber’s hairlong scaled and with very light blonde streaks are really the right cut so as not to overturn the hair too much, but giving it a touch of light unique and super trendy. All accompanied by a fabulous outfit to say the least! And that takes inspiration from the coolest and most loved style Gen-Zand who is literally going crazy among celebs, they2k aesthetic.

A combo from which to draw maximum inspiration, to always be at the top and to show off a total look that will be impossible not to love and admire. And what moreover it is very simple to do! Exactly as Hailey Bieber shows us, one of the most followed and imitated it girls on social media and beyond.

A medium-long cut, slightly scaled. Simple but always impressive. In the warm shade of brown with shades chocolate and embellished with very light meches on the front of the canopy. Which go to frame the model’s face, illuminating her complexion and giving her that extra touch of light that we like so much. And reminiscent of the effect lightening (albeit much less pronounced) that was going crazy in the early 2000s. Just to remind you of what we are talking about, you know the hair of Geri Halliwell from Spice Girl?

And that in fact make Hailey Bieber’s hair the must have in terms of hairstyles that we can’t really give up. But that is not all. Because the always at the top Hailey certainly doesn’t stop there. And they ride the wave of the return in vogue of the y2k look in an aesthetic key, she shows off wearing one micro mesh (which together with micro cardigans is one of the iconic pieces of y2k style) and wide, low-waisted trousers. Leaving the belly strictly uncovered.

A trend that is really going crazy among celebs and influencers from all over the world. Finally, to complete this already super trendy look, the bucket hat that is the winter version fisherman hat that we have worn and loved so much during these months.

In short, there is little to say, Hailey Bieber’s hair combined with her unmistakable style and her innate charm are really school. Impossible not to imitate and show off in these days of almost spring. To start the new season on the right foot and with a trendy and bright look, which will make you the real protagonists on every occasion. From hairstyle to outfit.