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From Emma Watson’s plumage to Lady Gaga’s 1 meter platformers. Up to the young, cute and very in love Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi.

THE Bafta 2022, that is, the British film and TV awards, are the last stumbling block before the Oscars. And everyone is already “shaking”, up and down the red carpet. Dress rehearsals for big events, however, are very useful for taking measurements. And start clapping. The awards ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in London gave emotions. Starting with the controversy onexclusion from the nominations of the film Spencer apparently due to the will of Prince William (which he did not like).

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Intense emotions, like this, starting with Rebel Wilson: as a 9 vote presenter, a little less look. There are those who go down, like Lady Gaga, which despite the platforms of one meter and a little more, did not convince us. And there are those who go up, Emma Watson primarily with its frothy plumage.

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The most beautiful looks of the Bafta 2022

Let’s start with what excited us the most: Simone Ashley. Rating: 10. It is a real pleasure to see one of the fuchsia creations seen a few days ago at Paris Fashion Week with the collection Valentino Fall Winter 2022 2023 and have confirmation of how much “work” is a euphemism. Chapeau!

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Another special creature on the red carpet: Emma Watson. Rating: 9. All the plumage of the black & white dress by Oscar de la Renta makes us jump with Hermione’s wand directly from Harry Potter to Black Swan. But she always masterfully holds the positive mood (thanks to her usual nice face and, this time, her blaze of slightly teen hairpins on her simple hair).

Emma Watson Bafta 2022

Emma Watson on the Bafta 2022 red carpet.

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Who goes up, who goes down

It’s still. It falls in favor, Lady Gaga. Grade 7. The signed petrol green mermaid dress Ralph Lauren it is worthy of a Jessica Rabbit like her but the 1 meter high platformers are lost in the draperies and, above all, when they appear, they give an idea of ​​listlessness that does not suit a Lady. Always noteworthy, Salma Hayek. Rating 8. Put Salma on a red carpet and you will have two things: a Latin spontaneity that makes photographers into raptures and a super sexy décolléte that makes all male audiences in raptures. This time the purple chenille dress by Gucci with wide neckline and lace inserts (in the “highlight” points).

Salma Hayek on the Bafta 2022 red carpet.

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Who amazed us on the red carpet? All the tenderness of Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi. Rating: 9 1/2. Young, cute and very in love. She, a new 18-year-old in total black Louis Vuitton looks like Eleven’s sexy sister, he almost 20 years old disheveled in tuxedo with a pin from Ukraine is all her father. And what about Ellie Bamber? Vote 8 1/2. The poetic texture at the right point, the poetic transparency at the right point, the poetic bearing at the right point. Signature Chanel. Et voila!


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