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Paola Turani’s brunette balayage? It is to be imitated immediately

P.aola Turani wins us over, once again, with the brand new brunette balayage: to be copied immediately!

Paola Turani gives us one of next season’s trends: the balayage brunette. A color that anticipates spring, with warm and enveloping shades that capture the sunlight and illuminate the face.

In recent months, the model and influencer has experienced many emotions, thanks to the arrival of her first child, Enea. On InstagramPaola talked about the happiness of being able to realize the dream of becoming a mother and her days – between smiles and small difficulties – with the newborn and the husband Riccardo Serpella.

Turani has always used the weapon of irony to reveal the small and big changes in her existence, from sleepless nights to lull Aeneas to new looks. The latest arrived on Instagram, with the supermodel revealing that she chose a different color than usual. Paola has in fact chosen the brunette balayage for her hair.

A very shaded brown, lighter at the tips and darker at the root, able to highlight the model’s fair complexion and her splendid blue eyes. The balayage technique, on the other hand, is perfect for medium brown hair. The tips are made full of color and health in the mid-length, to then be blended to the root. To get even more results glow and brightPaola has lightened several sections by about two tones.

The balayage technique is ideal for those with dark brown hair and would like to lighten it, obtaining a light shade. The result is very natural and the hair looks like it has been kissed by the sun. To make the effect even more evident, you can opt for beach waves that teleport us directly to the sea, just like Paola Turani did. But the influencer shows us that even the smooth exta solution is perfect for highlighting the shades of the brunette balayage.

If the hairstyle is not a problem with this hair color, even with make-up it is possible to experiment according to your needs. For her chocolate hair, Paola chose a makeup in shades of orange with a hint of very pear, but they are perfect as well bronze, gold and brown, both in the mat and shimmer versions. To highlight the look even more, the black pencil cannot be missing, combined with a very fine line of eyeliner and lots of mascara.