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Like Deva Cassel: tips to be inspired by her beauty looks

V.do you want to have an ethereal, romantic, sensual and endlessly fascinating look like that of Deva Cassel? Here are the tips to inspire you to imitate your beauty looks

Magnetic gaze, sensuality to spare and a face with a disarming sweetness. There is no doubt that Deva Cassel took a lot from mom Monica Bellucci. And how she knows how to enhance her typically Mediterranean features with simplicity and naturalness, creating exceptional beauty looks with minimal effort.

It may be due to her full lips, pink cheeks or long wavy hair, black and thick, the fact is that in whatever version the very young model presents herself she knows how to make herself the protagonist. Flaunting gods beauty look exceptional, stylish and absolutely to be imitated. From hair style to make up.

For example, you have seen the splendid messy bun flaunted on his Instagram profile? A sophisticated, voluminous and soft look. A super trendy high and disheveled chignon, withromantic effect and playful at the same time. Able to focus on the natural beauty of her hair, enhancing the waves of her hair, and at the same time highlighting the sweetness of her features. Just like those of the always iconic Monica Bellucci.

And what about the clear similarity between the two when the young Deva Cassel chooses to opt for a simple, basic hairstyle, leaving the loose hair, smooth and with a central line. Just like the typical hairstyle of the mother. Obtaining an exceptional result to say the least in a riot of charm and endless elegance.

All always emphasized by make up. And when it comes to makeup, Deva Cassel has pretty clear ideas. After all, with such a face, it takes very little to achieve an amazing beauty look.

A make-up that passes from the essential, favoring the nude shadesfor a no make up effect, well hydrated lips and bold eyebrows groomed and combed to perfection. Up to a sophisticated make-up, the inevitable smokey eyes in deep black and anthracite shades. All enhanced by a nice coat of mascara, to volumize the lashes and give even greater depth to the look.

What can I say, being inspired by Deva Cassel’s beauty looks is not that difficult. Just opt ​​for some naturalness, calibrating the make-up well (which must never be exaggerated) and letting the gaze speak. By letting yours do the talking simplicity and elegancethe true and only protagonists of your look.