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The techniques for a perfect make-up are constantly changing, following the trends of the stars, the colors of the moment, the brands preferred by influencers and becoming more and more accessible. So, even if you are not a makeup artist, with a few simple tricks you can make your look perfect and selfie-proof!

Over time we have gone from heavier makeup, with heavy contours that accompany the natural lines of the face to increasingly structured and geometric effects for a lifting, filler, plumping, flawless effect. But what do these looks have in common?

It is the search for perfect symmetry, with the aim of correcting the natural imbalances of the face without making the result too evident. And the makeup no makeup in fact, to act as a guideline for the most sought-after looks, the ability to put on make-up without looking made-up.

But let’s see some of them together.

The “scotchato” eyeliner

You may have seen, shaking your TikTok or Instagram homepage, girls who take the shape of pigs using their nose as an anchor to make the eyeliner trace.

Mirta Miller applies eyeliner with tape over tiktok to create a perfectly symmetrical line.

Mirta Miller shows us in a TikTok how to position the tape correctly.

To obtain a perfect make-up, the geometries of the face are followed which, in this case, are traced with scotch tape: subsequently it will be used as a stencil to create the eyeliner tail. Starting right from the nose as a “hook” will be enough symmetrically position the adhesive tape until it reaches the outer corners of the eyes. Make sure you go up a few more inches, so that you have space to draw the liner tail of your own length.

The shaky hand, the perfect tip or the coverage of black will no longer be everyday problems, just fill the void with black eyeshadow or gel eyeliner with the help of a brush or your finger. Once the tape is removed, that’s it! Two eyeliner wings perfectly symmetrical that lift the gaze and lengthen the eye.

You can choose whether to apply the tape also on the upper eyelid to outline the tail or whether to perfect it by hand once the starting base is limited. Also choose based on your ability, experiment until you find the method that best suits your needs. Remember that the final look will be a little more accentuated, choose another technique if you want to keep a delicate effect.

My advice: do this job before making up the base, otherwise you will remove everything once the tape is removed. You can go through some concealer first, but leave foundation, bronzer or blush at the end.

Dental floss to define the lips

You will have understood that to achieve perfect symmetry you can use any tool. This make-up hack uses dental floss to help you get super defined and smudge-free lips. Definitely to try!

Maybe not on Mommy’s very expensive lipstick, give it a try with a product that you don’t care much about because you will probably ruin it a little.

What you need is some dental floss with plastic support like the one you see in the photo, you can easily find it in the pharmacy or in the most well-stocked supermarkets.

One of the most popular TikTok makeup hacks collection pages for creating the perfect, smudge-free lip contour.

One of TikTok’s most popular makeup hacks collection pages for alternative flossing use.

The well-taut thread will serve us to outline our lips with a subtle, decisive and angular line, also leaving us the possibility of an overline that increases the volumes a little. The cupid’s bow is the focal point of this technique: it is very important to square and define the upper lip very well to enhance a sharp heart shape. Once you have drawn the outline, you can safely fill in the inside with the same color or with a lighter lip pencil.

Clean the floss well with a cotton ball and a little micellar water to be able to reuse it with other colors, it is not necessary to throw it away all the time.

My advice: Apply some concealer to your lips and lip contour before starting, it will help you mask your natural boundaries and leave you more freedom to redefine them.

Eye contour from Instagram model

A bright eye area makes us look more awake right away, avoiding a scruffy or badly lit result in photos. The basis of this technique is the color correctionthat is the use of colors of contrast to mask the natural discolorations of the face. Complementary colors should be used: pink and orange to cover the blue, green for the blushes, white / lilac for the speckles.

Alissia C uses Huda Beauty's Easy Bake Loose Powder in Cherry Blossom Cake coloring.

Alissia C uses Huda Beauty’s Easy Bake Loose Powder in Cherry Blossom Cake coloring.

In this case it is a question of using a very light eye corrector, to be then set with a slightly pink powder. The result will be a super bright and greater undereye area coverage of dark circles and small defects. Don’t worry, the pink of the powder will disappear giving way to a very natural shade.

My advice: always use a good eye cream before this make-up. Setting the concealer with plenty of powder can dry the area a lot, highlighting fine lines and small wrinkles. Good skincare is the foundation of make-up-proof skin.

The perfect lipstick

Have you ever made the wrong lipstick color and completely ruined your make-up? A lip tone that doesn’t suit you can be more impactful than you think. The choice of lipstick is important and it is necessary to take into account armochromatic factors while maintaining consistency with the rest of the look. This hack reduces the chances of error by harmonizing your lips with the colors on your face.

Instagram star Hayley Buy on tiktok creates the perfect lipstick color for her complexion.

Instagram star Hayley Buy has reached millions of views thanks to this hack.

Define your lip contour harmoniously with the pencil you used for the eyebrows, then fill the inside with what you used as a blush. You can coarsely fill the inside of the lips with just your fingers.

Once you have achieved the desired coverage, apply a gloss to even out and give volume. In this way the colors of your lips will perfectly match those of the face, guaranteeing you a natural look and a filler effect insured.

The secret is to blend the lip contour well with the inside. Even if you are using a very dark brow pencil, make sure it blends perfectly with the blush without leaving any sharp edges. This is a soft and natural look, no geometric effect.

My advice: Applying a cream or stick blush is easier, but if you don’t have one you can simply apply your powder blush with a cat’s tongue brush after putting some clear lip balm on your lips.

Button nose

Did I mention that this year everything is right to get a perfect makeup? Very well. Because now we’re going to use a brush… in reverse.

The purpose of this trick is to make yours appear super thin and sharp nose with a technique that allows you to create a precise and defined contouring, leaving very little clear space on the central part and darkening the sides.

The perfect and easy contouring for the nose.

Sasha, on TikTok Sashinspires, shows how to get the perfect line.

It is simply a matter of placing your eyeshadow brush with the tip pointing towards your forehead, applying light pressure on the central arch of the nose going down to the tip. Once the correct position has been established, with another soft brush it will be enough to pass some earth on the nose, trying to maintain the chosen position. Once our tool is taken off, voila! A very thin luminous line that you can emphasize with a little concealer or highlighter will make your nose look straight and thin.

My advice: Look for a very thin and narrower brush towards the end. If the tip goes to tighten, the final result will be more natural and even more sculpted.

Cut created effortlessly

We are now reaching technical levels worthy of the most famous make-up artists. For those who don’t know what a is cut creaseit is an extremely defined and “cutting” eye make-up which consists in outlining the eyelid arch with color, leaving one side very shaded and one very accentuated.

The result will be that of a particular look, a little more elaborate and to achieve it we will use an eyelash curler.

The fastest technique for a smudge-free cut crease.

One of the first to realize this technique on TikTok is makeup artist Krislyn Kuhn.

Place your tool (which can become a soup spoon if necessary) at the lower browbone, lower than the eyebrow but higher than the eyelid crease. At this point with an eyeshadow of your choice and a soft brush trace the upper edge of the tool blending upwards. You will get a very defined curved geometric line on the bottom, which you can adjust to your liking by decorating it or outlining it with other colors. Add a line of thin eyeliner and your favorite mascara.

My advice: each of us has a different shape of eyes. Experiment to find the curved tool that best fits your face. An eyelash curler, spoons of various sizes, the edge of a small glass, remember .. everything can be exploited!

Minimal concealer

With this last tip you will have all the cards to be able to make your makeup with a simple and natural base. The secret is to use a little makeup!

In this case we are talking about concealer and how to apply it for a fresh and lifting effect that illuminates and opens the eyes.

The time is over when the concealer is triangulated up to the cheek, followed by baking with tons of powder left on to dry while we prepare dinner or watch our favorite series. Now all it takes is a few taps and fixing, if necessary.

Lifting effect for the eyes using just a little concealer.

Quick and easy, here’s how to apply the concealer on opposite corners of the eye.

Follow these points: inner corner, outer corner of the eye. Draw “mustache” of concealer slender upwards on the outer parts and two simple points from the inner corner down towards the dark circles area. Blend well with the tip of the beauty blender upwards and that’s it. Add some blush on the upper part of the cheekbones for accentuate the lifting effect.

In this way the few points of light will extend the lines of your face upwards without weighing down the central area or ‘lowering’ the entire oval.

My advice: always blend with a moist beauty blender, you can wet it with water or spray your makeup fixer. The final effect will be brighter and more natural, avoiding creases and unsightly accumulations of concealer.

And now? You just have to try these hacks and figure out which ones give you the most, refine the technique and why not, start sharing your results on social networks!