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make-up and hair themed beauty trends – The Wom Beauty

C.olorati, sparkling and full of energy: Coachella is not just music, but also beauty trends, dedicated to make-up and hair, which we will surely see again during summer 2022. Here the best of not to be missed.

Welcome back Coachella 2022: it is appropriate to say. After two years of compulsory stop, the most anticipated music festival in the California is back and, among unmissable concerts such as Harry Styles, Stromae, Doja Cat and more, even the beauty world wanted to have its say. Unmissable looks, bright colors and make-up and hair trends they marked the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival .

Because if at the Glastonbury Festival the rule is rubber boots in perfect British style, in California the number one rule is to get noticed: bright applications, graphic eyeliner in neon shades and gold and silver illuminators. It’s time to grab a pen and paper and mark these beauty trend that Coachella 2022 revealed to us. A few clues: big, bright and shimmering.

Baby braids

So easy and so crazy: they call themselves baby braids and we will see them again and again this summer. There are three o’clock braiding easier to do – finally – and surely you have done them a thousand and a thousand times when you first learned how to braid your hair.

The most loved and flaunted, certainly, are those worn on the sides of the face and with a line in the center. To be combined, then, with a long and voluminous hair enriched by some soft waves. Obviously there are super cool variants and even more in theme with the days without brakes at Coachella: bring them to the side on pastel-colored hair, impossible to go unnoticed.

How to make them: select two very small strands and apply a light volumizing spray so that the root is structured. In this way, the braids will not fall without shape on the sides of the face but will have their own meaning. Braid as you know how and close with a small silicone elastic, preferably in tone with your hair so that it is almost invisible.

Space for glittering stones

There is no Coachella without gemstone. Getting noticed is essential and among colorful micro looks, there is also the beauty trend dedicated to all-over beauty: glittering applications in many colors and shapes. It starts from the simple contour of the eye passing through to emphasize often underestimated areas, such as the eyebrows.

Not only micro applications and brilliants, but the gemstones at Coachella become the focus of the beauty look from which to extrapolate the common thread to complete all face make-up.

Could they be missing on the hair? Absolutely not and, with a great tribute to the 90s, the brilliant stones pass from the face to the hair, giving light to the whole look. What do we like? The monochrome look.

Neon color

We have said it and we keep repeating it: the Coachella 2022 it was a back to the future real. The reason? The 90s vibes that were breathed in many looks shown during the first weekend of music. And to demonstrate all this, i neon colors they have become the protagonists of many make-up under the maxi Ferris wheel.

Whether it’s a single accent or a monochromatic eye make-up, it doesn’t matter. The shock and neon shades they look their best under the lights of Coachella and, trust me, they will be a must have for your summer too. Don’t you feel it? Try small steps, perhaps starting with a hint of the inner corner and then have more and more fun.

Graphic obsession

Put away the blending tools and flaunt angle brush and precision brushes. From California there is a trend reversal and, after years and years where the colors were skilfully blended together for smoky and sweet effects, today the lines become clear, well defined and graphics.

Fantasy and fun: these are the two guidelines of the makeup trends and you absolutely have to try them too. What will you need? Colored eyeliner, graphic pencils, precision brushes and a little concealer to erase any mistakes.