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Hooded eye make-up: the best tips for flawless make-up

T.hooded eye makeup: tips for flawless make-up, from applying eyeshadow to using mascara and eyeliner

The “hooded” eye has a very specific characteristic: an almost invisible mobile eyelid with open eyes and a fixed one that seems “swollen” and covers the mobile one.

Certainly not an ideal condition for making an eye make-up, one would think. “It is true that the hooded eyes they can be complicated – says Fanny Maurer, Global MUA KVD Beauty – and some might find them impossible to make up, but once you understand the technique, everything becomes easier ». Let’s see together how.

hooded eye makeup

Hooded eye makeup: here’s how

«For hooded eyes – continues Maurer – my advice is to always make up with your eyes open without trying to fill in the empty spaces when the eyelid moves ». Unlike the other eye shapes, «here the medium shade that is normally applied in the crease of the eye, is instead spread and blended just above to immediately give an impression of depth. On the other hand, if you try to apply an eyeshadow right in the crease, you won’t see any color once you open your eyes.

It’s important keep your eyes relaxed during each step. Because if you tense your eyes, once they return to their natural shape, we will not be able to see the work done as the eyelid will cover the applied eye shadows ». Michele Magnani, M · A · C Global Senior Artist, explains it well, saying: «We must recreate the shading on the fixed eyelid because that way you get a lifting effect. But be careful! Is critical use long-lasting products because the contact of the fixed eyelid with the movable one can cause the deterioration of the eyeshadow and powders. Better, therefore, use a primer that “dries” the eyelid and allows the make-up to last all day ».

Hooded eye makeup: how to apply products

«Position yourself in front of the mirror with your eyes open – continues Magnani – and apply the darkest eyeshadow, for example a brown, from the outer corner of the eye to the middle, blending. Then he closes his eyes and continues to blend, making the color of the eyeshadow or pencils you used uniformly ». The right brush? The 217S Blending Brush by MAC Cosmetics, for example: “Just dip it in the eyeshadow and place it in the outer corner, immediately blending inwards: this is how you immediately create depth”.

Hooded eyeliner and eye makeup: how to use it

Also for eyeliner the advice is to «always keep your eyes open while drawing the line – says Fanny Maurer-. Better to choose a precision product like Tattoo Liner by KVD Beauty that allows you to create a uniform line ». If you don’t feel particularly confident with this product, you can always limit yourself to create a stroke in the outermost part. «As for the other products – explains Magnani – eyeliner must also be waterproof“.

The importance of mascara

Then a mascara like the new MAC Stack «to be applied above all on the upper lashes, combing them outwards and loading them with color, so that they can create a natural shading. You can also put mascara on your lower lashes; it is a completely subjective choice “. On the eyebrow makeupa, finally, both experts suggest to favor a tall but soft shape to raise the eye.

hooded eye makeup

How to enlarge hooded eyes

Finally, if you want enlarge the eye and brighten the gaze there are two tips. Fanny Maurer suggests adding a touch of illuminating eyeshadow such as the Dazzle Stick in the inner corner of the eye, in the center of the eyelid and on the browbone. Finally, Magnani recommends applying a highlighter in the outer corner, where the shade you created ends, at the height of the cheekbone, going towards the temple and blending in an oblique way. The target? Obtain a lifting effect «to make the depth we created on the eye even more believable».