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Bridal makeup 2022: tips and trends explained by the make-up artist

THEBridal makeup is a separate chapter of make-up, but not of the wedding day. It must in fact be in harmony with the dress, hairstyle and style of the ceremony. Here’s what a make-up artist specialized in bridal makeup told us

Once the dress has been chosen, the hairstyle has been identified, it is the turn of the make-up. Which on the wedding day certainly cannot be left to chance. Our suggestion is to rely on a good one make up artist – perhaps specializing in bridal makeup – to be selected after observing some of his works. If the photos of “his” brides enchant you, do not hesitate to contact him: a good professional will certainly know how to make you beautiful on the big day! Better think about it in time, however, starting to book it at least 3 months in advance. A first chat between you will provide useful elements to decide the type of bridal makeup suitable for you and your personality.

In the meantime, read our guide on bridal makeup written with Viviana Veglia, makeup artist specializing in bridal makeup and PRO makeup for Diego Dalla Palma.

Bridal makeup 2022: trends

“The main trend of bridal make-up concerns first and foremost theuse of little product – begins the make-up artist Viviana – and this is possible thanks to the new formulations, more and more performing, which give excellent results without the need for large layers either on the face or on the eyes. This is of primary importance because the effect – live and in photos – will not be of a face too made up, but simply enhanced in its uniqueness ». This does not mean that behind there is a great job with which to apply and blend the various make-up products, quite the contrary.

“Another very popular trend in bridal makeup is theglow effect: the bride must shine with elegance. That is, she must emanate a soft brightness, which will allow her to be better immortalized in photos. The merit will undoubtedly be the highlighter, which will be applied in specific points (cheekbones, browbone and Cupid’s arch), but it will always be dosed in precise quantities to avoid flattening the face “. Too illuminating, in fact, has the paradoxical effect of making the face flat rather than highlighting its strengths.

Bridal makeup: the importance of proof

About a month before the wedding it is important to undergo a make-up test to agree on the type of make-up of the big day. “It is a crucial moment in which you listen to the client and get an idea of ​​her look and her personality at least at the level of initial impact” – explains Viviana. At that time, the dress and hairstyle are usually already chosen, and can thus be shown to the make-up artist to provide essential elements for identifying the make-up.

«The wedding day must be everything harmonic: dress, hair and makeup. But also the mood of the ceremony. If, for example, the style will be marked by the 50s, why not propose a beautiful black tailed eyeliner and a lively lipstick? ».

The make-up test is also used to dispense advice on face preparation, such as hydration care in the morning and evening. “Regardless of the epidermal type, hydrated skin guarantees a better make-up performance”.

How does the wedding make-up test take place?

«The most successful method of carrying out the makeup test is to divide your face in half: one is made up on the basis of the make-up artist’s vision; and the other, on the other hand, on the wishes of the customer. Armed with products and brushes, the make-up artist on one side of the face expresses how he intends to make the most of the bride; and on the other side, instead, she does it as she imagines that day. This is a “distinction” that is often a duty to make, because sometimes the two versions do not coincide. Some girls may want looks that don’t really enhance them and discover during the tryout that they would look much better if you put on some other make-up! “

Classic wedding makeup

«The day of the wedding, the makeup in shades of brown it goes beyond trends, establishing itself as a great classic from which it is difficult to deviate. Sure, there can be colorful looks, but brides themselves often ask for neutral colors, also because they are the ones they like best. Then you can obviously play on the various shades of brown, more or less warm, ranging from beige to taupe and champagne “.

Because the eye make-up in natural shadesthe? “Because brown is the color closest to our natural shading: if, without makeup, we stand in front of a mirror and try to bend the face, we would notice that the shadows created on the face are close to the brown color, a regardless of complexion. This is the reason why it is a color that, in its various shades, looks good on everyone ».

But the color in bridal makeup is he really banned? “Of course not! However, it is very important that it is applied in small doses and blended to perfection, otherwise it risks standing out too much on the rest of the face, especially in the photos ».

Crescent eye makeup or smokey eyes?

Among the great classics of bridal make-up, which go beyond trends, is the crescent make-up, the one that draws on theouter corner of the eye a darker C. It is a makeup that gives depth to the look, making it more lively and expressive. “By blending the various powders well, it is also possible to make the makeup of the whole face more harmonious even if the focus starts from the eyes”.

The smokey eyes can it be done on the wedding day? “Yes, but it is better to create a soft smokey that makes use of luminous pigments especially in the center of the eyelid: it serves to lighten the final effect, making it less gloomy”.

Other eye makeup colors

Brown isn’t just the only color suitable for the wedding day. «If the dress allows it, you can play with delicate pinks, peaches, lilacs and delicate grays, the essential thing is that the colors of the bride’s eyes and hair are respected. The satin and luminous finishes of the eye shadows deserve a separate chapter: they can only be used if the eyelid is toned, but if it has fine lines and sagging, it is better to opt for a matte finish, since the iridescent one would highlight the various lines. Let’s not forget that the make-up artist’s job is to make any person look their best, even more so on their wedding day!

Examples of bridal make-up with shades of pale pink and lilac.

Lips: matte finish

«For the lips, the choice of color is decidedly subjective, even if the rule is always valid that if you are heavily loaded your eyes, they must remain subdued. Generally on the wedding day the lipsticks are better to be opaque, long lasting and no transfer. Any gloss should be applied only on a well-fixed colored base with tinted products, and always in minimal quantities. Colors? Wide space for softer shades of pinkwhether hot or cold, always in accordance with the colors of the eyes and hair, as well as of the makeup as a whole.

Lipsticks in soft but delicately colored shades to liven up the bridal look with sobriety.

A well-defined but at the same time well-blended half-moon eye make-up.

Tanning on the wedding day: yes or no?

Does a tan look good with the wedding dress? “Personally, I like the tanned bride, but we have to agree on what is meant by a tan. Is amber colors, no to Caribbean tans, as they highlight a skin that is too dehydrated and dull. Furthermore, it is absolutely forbidden to sunbathe 2-3 days before the wedding and get burned with red skin. Let us remember that the make-up artist cannot work miracles! ». What if the complexion is very fair and the bride wants some color? «Better to expose yourself to the sun gradually to acquire a healthy complexion and avoid tanning lampsi: they would give a yellowish color that looks bad in the photo ».

Examples of brides with an amber complexion, in line with a summer context.

Eyebrows chapter

Today they wear bold, but are they all right? “Actually, at least on the wedding day, the eyebrows have to be in harmony with all the makeup. You can achieve all the most beautiful shades in the world, but if you don’t have well-groomed or facial eyebrows, they ruin all your makeup. In general, too thick eyebrows do not look good on a small forehead with little space, and vice versa: a very high forehead does not look good with too thin eyebrows ».

False eyelashes: yes or no?

«In bridal makeup, I recommend false eyelashes, yes, but in tufts to be applied only in some places. They are very clever because they allow you to intervene in areas where you need more volume, for example towards the corner of the eye in the case of a downward eye. And then the wispy lashes are much lighter than the full line ones, so they are better tolerated. This is very important to know because, not being used to wearing them all day, we could feel the “weight” of the whole false eyelashes to the point of changing the expression. One thing that remains in the photo. Also, with false eyelashes you are much more likely to touch your face, and thus ruin your makeup.

I also advise against the use of eyelash extensions because they can be a hindrance for the make-up artist when he goes to apply the various powder products: these could get dirty, creating a mess ».

Bright tricks for romantic brides.

Should any defects be corrected or not?

«It depends on the defect, and then we should agree on what a defect is for the future bride. If she for example perceives her eyes tending downward as a small limit that makes her face look sad, why not try to lift them with makeup? She will be even more radiant!
Other aesthetic defects that are hardly tolerated by those who wear them are all those concerning the nose, which fortunately can be reduced with a play of shadows. But sometimes I happen to convince myself that freckles look great and shouldn’t be erased! “

A soft smokey eyes to give depth to dark eyes.

Examples of harmonic and monochromatic tricks.