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How to make up small eyes: eye makeup tutorial

L‘goal is only one: to enlarge the gaze and make small eyes appear larger through make-up. The right techniques are those of corrective makeup, suitable for finding the right makeup to open the eyes.

Don’t consider them a curse: small eyes are full of charm. Just think of overwhelmingly beautiful icons like Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift or Jessica Alba, who have learned all about how to make up small eyes, transforming a small flaw into a feature with a magnetic charm. And without sacrifices: by finding the right balance between light and dark colors, in fact, it is possible to create even dramatic smokey-eyes. Of course, favoring bright shades is always a good idea to enlarge the eyes, but with a little attention the makeup for small eyes can be dyed any color. In addition to the size, in fact, important details to consider are color and shape, so that the whole is harmonious and every small defect in the eyes can be well balanced through a skilful use of makeup, including that of the lips. If your makeup for small eyes does not convince you, in fact, you can always choose to bet everything on lipstick.

How to make up small eyes? The inevitable allies

Makeup for small eyes needs a few simple tricks to transform the look. here are the must have for small eyes:

  • butter-colored pencil
  • clear and bright eyeshadow
  • eyelash curler
  • mascara
  • eyebrow comb

Small eye makeup: light colors to enlarge the look

The lighter shades are perfect for make your eyes appear larger. In particular, an interesting ally is the butter-colored pencil, to be used in inner rim of the eye. Likewise, the black pencil is absolutely to be avoided because it would make the eye even smaller and closed. A rule also valid for the choice of eye shadows. Light shades and slightly shimmer on the mobile lid are ideal for give three-dimensionality to the gaze and open it, making the iris appear immediately larger. Obviously, dark colors are not totally banned, but they must be strategically reserved for the outer corner of the bone to give depth.

The right shades to enhance small eyes

The right choice it is obviously based on the color of the iris. This is why green eyes will be enhanced by shades with a hint of orange, while blue ones will be enhanced by shades of pink, red and purple. For brown and black eyes, on the other hand, the best choice are deep shades, which can highlight the look. On the other hand, the perfect small eye makeup is made of bright shades, which make the eye appear larger and brighter. Gold, rose gold, champagne, ivory… for the mobile eyelid, the best eyeshadows are clear and shimmer.

Small eye makeup: the smokey eye

Sarah Jessica Parker teaches: smokey eye can highlight even small eyes. In this case, the secret is to choose the right pair of eyeshadows, harmonizing a lighter and a darker shade. How to do? It begins applying the darker color near the lash line, using the lighter one to blend and blend the color.

The soft liner to frame the eyes

Very thin and positioned just above the upper lash line, eyeliner is ideal for small eye makeup designed to emphasize the look. Go ahead, instead, to the classic tail: based on the shape of the eye you will have to study the right angle and length, but the effect will be bigger eyes. And more defined lashes.

How to make up small eyes? Eyelash curler and mascara

There is no better way to open your eyes than to use it wisely eyelash curler e mascara. In fact, increasing the curl and volume of the lashes is the best way to open the eye and make it appear larger. This is why the eyelash curler is particularly useful: having straight and drooping eyelashes, in fact, would only make the eye more closed. Once prepared, the lashes will only need mascara to be perfect. Apply it carefully, starting from the lash line and moving up, moving the brush in a zigzag manner. Do not underestimate the importance of the lower lashes, which can further open the gaze.

Of course, it is also very important to use a eyebrow mascara. Combing them upwards, her gaze will immediately be more open and her eyes larger. By filling the small holes with a pencil and giving the right shape to the arch, the result will be flawless.