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Y2k make up: all the inspirations that wink at the 2000s

G.The 2000s are back and to pay homage to them here are the things to know to create a perfect y2k make up

The beauty trends from this period they take a trip on the time machine, taking us back to several decades ago. Specifically, the inspirations of the 2000swhich today reinvent themselves starting from the name: y2k make up.

How we wore makeup at the beginning of the new millennium

Before seeing how to embrace y2k make up it is essential to understand where it all started. The years that started the millennium we are experiencing have been characterized by a great change and bypop culture explosion which made girls eager to experiment and have fun, including through makeup. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton they were the icons of the period and their makes were the most replicated. To characterize them, often, playful and light textures, lots of light and colorful detailsthe. These are the inspirations that wink at the 2000s and that you should take into consideration if you want to create a y2k-style makeup.

Thin eyebrows

We know, many of you will turn up their noses at the sight of these two words but talking about y2k beauty look without dwelling on the eyebrows is practically impossible. Those who were adolescents in those years have often regretted the damage done with the tweezers but now the moment of recovery may have come as after the hegemony of thick eyebrows, many celebs, Bella Hadid in the lead, have decided to go back to showing off almost imperceptible bows.

Illuminating a go go

As mentioned at the time, the number one rule was to shine and for this the mat foundations almost did not exist. This does not mean that the basics were not evident, they were very much, but it gave them theglow effect they were generously sprinkled with illuminants, which in summer gave way to bronzer also iridescent. If you want to recreate the mood of the 2000s then don’t forget the light.

Slightly smudged black pencil

Another staple of the y2k trick is the black pencilwhich Britney and her companions spread both on the upper and lower rhyme, blending it so that, especially below, it seemed slightly smudged. We can talk about a very light smokey eyes but in reality the effect we wanted to achieve was post good evening among girls. Often also present clear and bright eyeshadows.

Lip Gloss

Finally, for the lips, even if there was no lack of fuchsia or red lipsticks, the must have of the period was undoubtedly the transparent lip gloss.