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2022 blonde hair colors: new shades and reflections

IS the season of light blondes, possibly cold and certainly very bright. Novelties in lightening techniques that play on invisible contrasts and which for this reason create very harmonious reflections. Check out the trendy looks

Blonde hair what a passion! If you have a light base, the summer is your time: you just need to stay a little longer in the open air to find yourself with the clearest tips. But while waiting for the sun to really take effect, the hairdresser takes care of lightening the lengths. And often very surprising effects are obtained.
THE trendy blonde colors in 2022? Clear, indeed very clear and in some cases tending to platinum or ice blond.

Hair color Spring Summer 2022: trends from the salons


Hair color Spring Summer 2022: trends from the salons

To be even more precise, the most popular shades are cold, that is, with that lunar and slightly polar undertone, which – so called – sounds a bit strange, but it is the only way to describe a color of blond as far from golden as possible. Imagine the wheat fields as they appear in late summer, that is, very discolored by the sun: cold blond can be compared to this vision. Another image to locate the fashion blonde hair in 2022 it may be the sand of the Mediterranean beaches. They are all very light shades that brighten the look as a whole. Some idea? Take a look at the photos below.

Blond hair spring 2022

Trendy blonde hair in 2022 is fresh and radiant. It is no coincidence that they often recall the shades of lime or ginger chilled cocktails. The lightening techniques more in vogue follow the s effecthade layering“, which foresees an almost imperceptible superimposition of the different heights of tone (which always vary very little between them). The final result is very bright.

As effects we find both multi-reflective blondes and blondes with dark roots, but the contrasts are always rather light and not very pronounced

In the 2022 blonde hair palette Jean Louis David introduces the summer light, a new exclusive color service. The hair, much darker at the roots and at the nape of the neck, progressively lightens up the lengths and ends. The two lighter locks on the sides of the face accentuate the contrast.

The cold blondes

Lumilight is the name of the new method TONI & GUY to obtain lightening. It is a technique that creates a very natural blonde, while increasing the volume and depth of the hair. Thus it turns out to be a perfect technique on medium-fine hair. What is it about? The plays of light are very sweet, like those that characterize the tenderness of children (they are called precisely baby light). They play on shades of honey blonde and light gold.

ln this look by Framesi the light blond of the base fades into pearl blond. A refined effect, created with a personalized technique that takes into consideration the starting color.

Very light blond hair

Company of Beauty proposes a butter blonde, an ideal color for all aspiring blondes who want to light up their hair. The final finish recalls the softness of velvet, from which the shade takes its name (super velvet).

The total lightening makes this cut almost ethereal that frames the model’s face Framesi. The wave styling and matte finish reveal details that add personality.

Here is a high-impact look proposed by Schwarzkopf Professional. Ice blonde dazzles with its expressive power.

Joico proposes a dreamlike blond that is inspired by the paintings of Redon, the French painter considered one of the greatest exponents of French symbolism. The look re-proposes the atmospheres of symbolist paintings, full of pastel and slightly shaded colors.

Blond balayage

From URBAN_CDB blonde balayage is called Sunshine: it is a color that allows you to obtain a natural effect and an abundance of reflections, a sun-kissed effect. This type of blonde enhances the texture and cut of the hair, especially when scaled or with strong tufts.

Blond hair with streaks

Among the great classics of those approaching lightening, the streaks and highlights and 2022 are made with less contrasting effects: the “bands of color” merge with each other. You can choose between the mix of warm and cold blondes or between the blends of various tone heights, as long as the result is always harmonious, and never striped. A look at the top Framesi.

Gradient blonde hair

Among the blonde hair 2022 a novelty comes from Evos. Is called Shimmering Framing and is a new exclusive color service for the salons of the Italian brand. It is ideal for giving harmony to the features and brightness to the complexion, it is a game of strategic lightening on the contours of the face (the position of the locks is studied according to the face). The color, deep at the root and lighter on the lengths and ends, creates a natural and sophisticated movement of the whole.

The collection Koleston Perfect Lights from Wella is inspired by light, and launches a new technique, of which the photo above is an example. Is called Mirror lights and consists of an intertwining of 2 nuances: one deeper base, and the other clearer foreground. The intertwining of the 2 shades allows for a young, fresh and easy to maintain look. Compared to the classic root retouch, the technique Mirror Lights proposes a pioneering approach to color, working on the concept of transparency. The result is a less saturated root and a soft and natural color capable of guaranteeing less evident regrowth.

Uniform blond hair

And after the fun of blonde games, there are more uniform shades. Less sparkling and explosive than multi-faceted blondes, uniform blondes retain an elegance of their own. It’s hard to say if they are easier to manage than the various balayages and highlights. In any case, these are equally interesting blondes. Above a look of Framesi.

La Biosthetique proposes a complete and unusual blonde that amplifies the attractiveness of this long bob scaled with a slightly rounded fringe. The cold and warm nuances of the rich cream hue bring to mind the sand of deserted beaches and vanilla ice cream. The delicate flow of light reflections fascinates for the game in contrast with the graphic form.

Bronze blond for Davinesmade more incisive by the classic asymmetrical cut with magnolia and bronze reflections, which gradually lighten along the lengths, creating a deep shadow.