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Epochal scionter between the pink Marilyn Monroe by Laura Pausini and the jaundice yellow of the Norwegians

THEborn from the wet look of Laura Pausiniwho knows if by accidental fall into the perennial fountain on the edge of the stage or because of the genius of a hair stylistthe second semifinal of Eurovision 2022 is remained in the mind for the mechanical bull of Achille Lauro. Two, he and the bull, who expected like the sung mass: because you are real hustlerssensational, to laugh, in this edition there have been very few.

Yet, in an effort to impress by measuring everything geometrically, the boa there, the homo kiss therethe good Lauro was passed on the right by the parabolic antenna of Vladana (from Montenegro in service for IF YOUacronym for Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence – Research of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and choreography (and Spanish costumes) from WRS – Romanian group that shook their hips like not even an odalisque on amphetamines.

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A performance with much more fluid, dance floor coarseness: an embarrassing but irresistible thread. She wanted us. And in fact we will see it again in the final. Lauro’s does not.

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Eurovision 2022: the votes for the looks of the first semifinal

Fast as lightningthat is to say with the tight schedule of an event for which one minute less live is equivalent to the GDP of Spain, Turin’s Eurovision it started with Laura Pausini’s Valentino millionaire. Symphony in pink – pink Marilyn Monroe (that of The men prefer the blondes) – composed from three beautiful long and opaque dresses. From the great evening but very little from Eurovision. That is fun.

In short, very little from the birthplace of Raffaella Carràhonored with three seconds of Fiesta and many greetings to the gay icon in the race discreetly loved by gays. Stuff that not even a assembly put together with the best of Tg1with his nails on the blackboard for wrong titles and pronunciations of the songs.

Eurovision 2022, the artists parade on the turquoise carpet: the most beautiful and eccentric looks

Eurovision 2022, the artists parade on the turquoise carpet: the most beautiful and eccentric looks

Eurovision 2022, the artists parade on the turquoise carpet: the most beautiful and eccentric looks


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Styles without borders

So first semifinal and first looks. We used to say “harmonious together”: let’s reconfirm. But that doesn’t detract from the beauty of some unique moments. For example the bomb start with the Madonna Ciccone – year 1990 – from Albania, show number per wheel every half hour at Loriana holiday village in Bibione. If then Monika Liu of Lithuania threw the show in the Rai seventies, Studio Uno genre, thus making it waver for too much class, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine and Moldova they brought Eurovision back to usual homemade normality.

Special mention to Iceland, dressed as a country concert in Texas (in protest the geysers are firing streams without gaps), and ai Citi Zēni – unfortunately eliminated -, a Latvian ecological group dressed in the primary colors of the Italian flag, or in any case the basic ones of a Margherita pizza (which some restaurant entrepreneurs will already be copying for their dining room staff; you know happiness).


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