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the sunkissed hair color trend for the summer

The French Balayage is an evolution of classic Balayage, a technique invented by L’Oréal Professionel Paris to obtain a chic, refined and glamorous hair thanks to a game of very natural lightening. The idea behind it is to recreate a natural effect, just like the lightening that comes to the hair in the summer with the sun and swimming in the sea, without having to worry about the much hated regrowth.

It looks good on all hair types, lengths and colors, not just the classic blonde and is therefore one summer hair color trend 2022 really perfect and that also requires little maintenance at home. If you really want to be très chic you just have to try this lightening technique, the French Balayage typically French-inspired, as the name implies.

French Balayage VS Balayage: here are the differences

If we talk about French Balayage there is no mention of the classic Balayage that has been popular for years, thanks to the stars who often choose it for their change of look but above all it has become famous because it has practically no regrowth management. The French Balayage consists in lightening hair strands of various sizes, from smaller to larger, freehand, which are then toned in order to obtain an extremely natural effect which, if done correctly, it is difficult to think that they are not natural reflections of the own hair.

The Balayage, on the other hand, was created to take the place of another technique, the Shatush, for which it was necessary to tease the hair to lighten it, however, risking to ruin and break it. The Balayage, however, is distinctly different from the French Balayagebecause the lightenings are often positioned lower, practically to lighten the tips, even if gradually and without color detachments and the lightening can be done freehand or with a comb.

Another key difference between the two techniques is that with the French Balayage you can lighten your hair by 1 or maximum two tones from your natural color, while Balayage allows even more important lightening and, sooner or later, we all went from a fairly dark brown to lightening that gradually aimed at very light blond. So the French Balayage is for you if you love a natural effect, if you have never dyed your hair and you want to start with something soft, if you don’t want to become a slave to regrowth and if you want the color to be bright and shiny even with the passing of the months.

How to get a perfect blonde French Balyage for those with naturally light hair

The technique of French Balayage it is certainly to be done in the salon, because at home it would be impossible to manage the lightening and obtain a truly natural effect. Surely it is a perfect technique for those with light hair, to create tone-on-tone reflections and plays of light and lighten the hair slightly. First of all you have to lighten the hair strands with the bleach, freehand to position the lightening in a personalized way also depending on the final effect or the type of face, going to illuminate the oval or using the lighter locks such as face framing, i.e. recreating a sort of contouring with the hair.

After having lightened the hair, however, they must be toned, for example to obtain a Cool Blonde French Balayage or in any case to make the hair even shinier and create a homogeneous effect, creating new reflections even on natural hair that is not lightened. In this case, the reflectors or glosses used, while slightly modifying the color of the base or of the lengths, discharge over time and are not permanent, which is why the maintenance of this technique is really low. Just go to your favorite hair stylist to refresh the toning and check that the lightening does not go down too much, especially if you have a very fast growth.

The only thing you need to pay attention to, if you have a French Balayage blond, is to avoid unwanted reflections and then use a blue anti-yellow shampoo to neutralize the straw effect and always have a super blonde. To understand if your hairdresser has made a perfect one French Balayage 2022therefore, there must be no sharp contrast, but the lightening must blend with the rest of the hair and above all you must not choose more than 1 or 2 tones of difference from your starting color, otherwise we speak more of classic Balayage.

Not just blonde: try French Balayage on brown or red hair

Who said that the French Balayage can it only be done on blonde hair? This is absolutely not the case, who thinks it may have remained behind the Balayage, which was not recommended on very dark hair in order not to create a gap between the dark base and the very light ends.

The French Balayage on Brown Hair, but also darker, gives delicate shades that can slightly warm the color or, on the contrary, make the dark tone slightly more neutral, because it is known that dark hair tends to oxidize towards red (even if natural). So if you want a colder blonde without being a slave to the dye, making soft tone-on-tone cold lightening allows you to rebalance the hair color.

The Caramel French Balayage, then, it is really sophisticated and glam, perfect shades for very dark, brown or light brown hair. Let’s not forget our red friends, because the French Balayage on red hair it is truly incredible and you can really range with an infinity of lightening and tones, depending on the starting red. Cinnamon, light copper, strawberry blonde lightening and, why not, a more intense and full-bodied red.