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We will come back to see the chrome nails and yes: they must be flaunted just like that

Land chrome nails are back in fashion and in the coming months you will not be able to help but show them off on every occasion

Mirror effect and the colors of the rainbow: the chrome nails are back in fashion and next season we will show them all. After the success of the colored French manicure and blended nails, it’s time to dust off an old trend that comes knocking on the door again with the arrival of summer.

Elegant and impressive, chrome nails are what you needed to give a twist to your manicure. The result is halfway between the mirror effect (which we loved!) and the metallic one. On Instagram there are already many influencers and beauty addicts who have chosen to experiment with this manicure with amazing results.

The beauty of chrome nail art is that it is very bright and luminous, excellent for giving a touch of whimsy to a simple look. If you try it you will certainly not go unnoticed, but above all you will not be able to do without it!

How do you make the trendiest manicure of the moment? The methods are different. There are products that allow you to give the chrome finish to a simple nail polish, but also products to be spread on the nail directly to have this effect. The most important rule? Mistakes are not allowed, because this manicure is very visible and, due to the nuances, also highlights tiny imperfections. Therefore, applying the product flawlessly is imperative.

Among the latest trends there is also that of applying stickers on the nail in order to recreate the reflective effect that we like so much. If you want to experiment, try the pigmented powders, to have fun making your shades more or less intense. L’application is very simplea: make a gel polish base, then rub the powder on the nail using the applicator. Thanks to the rubbing, the powder will color the nail, giving life to a nuance that will leave you speechless.

Finally, all you have to do is choose the colors. The shades that are best suited to chrome nails are gold and silver. However, you can customize the manicure as you wish, choosing more whimsical and particular nuances such as blue, purple or light blue, but also pink and – why not – red and yellow. The trendiest idea? Two shades to alternate on the hands. The beauty of chrome nalis lies precisely in the ability to enhance colors and reveal new shades that you will love!