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What is signature make up? Ariana Grande teaches us

TOriana Grande teaches us what signature make up is and we are ready to copy hers!

Ariana Grande teaches us what the signature make up and how to create one that suits our personality, stealing some ideas of style from her. The pop star is a goddess beauty products and, for years now, she has almost always sported the same look.

In fact, each of us has a trick with which we feel most at ease and which we consider perfect for expressing our essence. Must-have products, techniques known for years and tested, which allow you to create a beauty look with which you feel strong and beautiful.

Ariana Grande, just like us, has a make-up that identifies her, developed over the course of her career and has become iconic. Cat eyes and naked lips they are in fact the singer’s signature make up. Face of an angel, small body and powerful voice, Ariana has clear ideas when it comes to beauty look.

Its secret? Cat eyes with the focus on the gaze, thanks to highlighter and eyeliner. A trick to lengthen the eye and make it truly feline. The complexion is natural, as well as the lips, strictly nude.

Copying Ariana Grande’s signature make up is super easy and the result will make you feel like a pop star. First she applies a cream foundation, aiming to even out the complexion. Highlight the cheekbones with a biscuit blush to blend well with the brush, then move on to the eyes.

To emphasize the look you will need a eyeshadow with warm shades, copper-colored and with a metallic finish. Spread it all over the eyelid, blending it well into the crease of the eye. Intensify the look thanks to the power of eyeliner. Advice? Use a product with a felt applicator, its rigid tip will allow you to create a precise line. Top it all off with mascara, then move on to the lips. Scrub to get them to the top, then moisturize them with a cream and finally pass a nude lipstick with a matte finish.

If you feel like imitating Ariana Grande, she also recreates her favorite hairstyle. The popstar in fact accompanies her signature make-up always with the same hairstyle: a very high tail. Alternatively, the singer is a fan of the half tail. It is about simple hairstyle to create but of great effect. All you need is a brush, rubber band, tail styling spray and hairspray to set the final effect.