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These are all the secrets for a really screaming dot make-up

C.or is the dot make up, the make up that emphasizes the look by putting a point on it. Here’s how it is made and how to show it off to be at the top

It is shown off by models and influencers on their social profiles, but also singers and actresses both in private life and in some of the most famous and followed TV series of the moment, one of all Euphoria. Becoming the top make-up for those who want to amaze by giving their eyes a futuristic, original, minimal style but with guaranteed magnetism. Let’s talk about the dot make up or dot eyeliner.

A style that has actually been launched in the 60s from the model Twiggy Lawson but which is back strongly in trend on the eyes of many celebs and beyond.

A simple trick to make and that consists of a few details of pure style or better, points. Because this is precisely what characterizes dot make up, a make-up that is created by drawing one or more dots of various sizes along the lower lash line (although nothing prevents you from indulging in other parts of the eye too). And a make-up that draws attention downwards, enhancing the look without major distortions and / or plays of color and shades, but simply (and literally) putting a point on it.

Note in favor? It looks good on almost all of them. Paying attention to the lower part of the eye, in fact, it would be better to avoid it in case you have very pronounced dark circles or particularly swollen eyes. Just as it is not the make-up that most emphasizes the beauty of round eyes. In all other cases and especially in those with small eyes or stretched outinstead, dot make up is really an option to try. To embellish the look in a few simple steps.

In fact, if you too want to try dot make up, the only thing that is important to have is a little calm and precision. Following a few steps of true beauty:

  • first, one is made make-up base with foundation and concealer, in order to cover any dark circles or discolorations, making the color of the complexion on which the dot make up will be made uniform and homogeneous;
  • at this point we move on to the eyebrows which must be well cared for, combed and full. Maybe going to thicken them with a pencil and a gel to fix everything;
  • L’eyeshadow it is not mandatory but if you want to use it, it is better to opt for a light color such as pearly white or a nude, to be spread on the mobile eyelid and in the inner corners of the eyes;
  • with an angled brush and a matte eyeshadow, then, you have to make one shade placed slightly higher than the natural crease of the eye;
  • and here is the most important moment of dot make up, the realization of dots. To do this you use an eyeliner or one kajal pencil, drawing well-defined points even of different sizes. The important thing is not to overdo the product. Finishing it all with a coat of mascara to widen the look and give more volume to the lashes.

And the dot make up is ready. Show it off in the classic black color or even with eyeliner in different super glam and colorful shades. Like red, useful for lighting up the eyes or why not, using glitter for a wow effect insured and for eyes always at the top.