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LA nail cutter is an indispensable tool for an error-free manicure. Here are which ones to buy on Amazon.

At the base of the Russian manicure, the nail cutter it is essential not only to eliminate semi-permanent polish or nail gel, but also to eliminate cuticles without the use of ad hoc oils or solvents.

Equipped with interchangeable tips, one for each function, the cutter must be used very carefully, especially for those who are not professionals. This tool, thanks to the material placed on the tip, and the high number of revolutions per minute allows to eliminate both color and product without going to affect the nail.

Although it is thought that the bur can be more harmful than the classic manual file, it is good to know that the first (if used correctly) will be much more delicate and careful than a manual action that could damage the nail by scratching and thinning it excessively.

The best nail cutters to try

Different both in terms of aesthetics and functions, there are so many nail cutters to use at home and in the salon and it is good to know them all. These, in fact, allow to speed up processing times, as well as a cleaner and more professional result.

Here is a selection of the best nail cutters to buy online.

Electric cutter by NAILGIRLS

11 files in 1 for manicure and pedicure: this kit contains tips for cuticles, for removing the gel and for polishing the surface.

A perfect tool for manicure, pedicure, polishing, callus removal, but also for punching, polishing or carving. This cutter allows you to reach 35000 speed revolutions, obviously adjustable according to the needs of the work and the manicure performed.

The design is also fundamental, ergonomic and designed specifically to lighten the work of the wrist and forearm which, with manual filing, tend to suffer. The plus is also the possibility of being used wirelessly in any situation.

Nanssigy, aluminum cutter

Available in five different colors, from pink through gray to green, this cutter is equipped with an aluminum body which, in addition to dissipating heat easily, will increase the life of the tool itself.

This tool, in addition to being able to be used wirelessly and reaching up to 20,000 RPM, is designed to significantly reduce vibrations and noise, thus making the moment of the manicure more pleasant.

WEIYI, compact cutter

This bur is characterized by an ergonomically shaped handpiece that is comfortable to use, as well as being light to carry. The plus is given by the system to change tips is simple and fast, just press the button located at the end of the handpiece, pull the tip and extract it.

Mosen, Nail Cutter

With a motor that reaches 20000rpm, in just 3 seconds, this cutter is different from the others because, in place of traditional adjustment switches, this electric nail cutter uses a button for speed adjustment. The speed control key, allows you to easily adjust the speed to 50%, 75% and 100% with a short press; if necessary, freely adjust the speed within the range with a long press.

JCMaster, cutter with LCD

A cutter with digital control and latest generation LCD screen is easier and more comfortable to use. The premium handpiece allows for easy handling by minimizing vibrations and very low noise. Double rotation, clockwise and counterclockwise, makes this nail cutter suitable for both right and left handed users.

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