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Beatrice Valli’s fluo eyeliner is the touch of panache to love and copy right away

G.The colored eyeliner is the trend of the season and this lime fluo shade chosen by the influencer is a candidate to become the most iconic of the summer

After months of greyness Spring has finally exploded and given that judging by the temperatures the step towardssummer it could be very short, the time has come to update your own beauty look and make it light and sparkling. A good way to do this is to rely on colorespecially in the make-up, perhaps stealing some secrets from celebs. To offer us the inspo of the day is Beatrice Valli who, during a sparkling evening with her friends on the occasion of her bachelorette party, showed off a fluo eyeliner very beautiful.

Beatrice Valli’s fluo eyeliner

The colored eyeliner are among the most popular make-up novelties of the season, present in all the lines of the major brands. The options to choose from are practically endless and range from blue to fuchsia, from green to yellow, passing through purple, blue and so on and so forth. Beatrice Valli chose to use a fluo color halfway between yellow and greena nuance lime that immediately makes you want sun and sea and that the influencer has made the center of his beauty look, leaving the extremely natural face rest and her hair down.

How to replicate Beatrice Valli’s eye make up

If Beatrice Valli’s super fluo eye makeup has left you speechless and you would like to show it off too, get an eyeliner light greenstrictly not matt but bright or pearly so that with every blink of an eye your gaze can radiate light.

To roll it out need a little patience so the first rule is to proceed only if you have a few minutes of time to devote to make up.

Take the eyeliner and create one uniform line at the lash line. Once you get to the outer corner, create the tail, stopping where you see fit. At this point you choose it thickness of the line above the eye. Beatrice Valli has decided to make it rather large and if you like the result, accentuate the line already done until you reach the millimeters of color you want.

If you are not an ace in handling eyeliner you can first create the tail, join it at the lashline and only later create the entire line.

In case you like the idea but the result you are looking for is softer, this look can also be created by applying a fluo eyeshadow pigmented with a thin brush.