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Baby bang is back: this is the fringe that everyone likes

TOmata by many celebs the baby bang bangs are perfect for the summer and for those who aim for a rock but sophisticated look at the same time

There fringe? Better if short, indeed very short. The fragetta is a timeless myth that cyclically returns to vogue in different versions. One of the most iconic and recognizable is the baby bangwhich over the decades has fascinated many celebs and on the occasion of the spring-summer 2022 seems to have returned to imposed.

How is the baby bang bangs made

Giving your hair a baby bang style means showing off a very short fringe, straight, full and without scaling. It can be more or less rounded depending on your preferences but the important thing is that it does not let you see the portion of the front below.

It was the first to make it a distinctive feature Audrey Hepburn and after her Audrey Tautou in the movie The fabulous world of Amélie. More recently they have also sported it Bella Hadid, Giorgia Soleri and many others.

Who is it suitable for

The baby bang is undoubtedly one more fringe original and recognizable of others and for this very reason many girls are scared at the idea of ​​giving the okay to their hairdresser to proceed with the scissors. However, this is an unfounded fear since the baby bangs it softens the features and gives the face a fresh, dynamic and decisive image.

As for the shapes, the ovals are the ones that are enhanced more by similar lines but with the necessary precautions also a more round or squared can be at the top with a baby bang bangs, perfect also for those who have one low forehead and fears that a longer fringe will emphasize this feature even more.

How to wear baby bang bangs

This fringe is so versatile that it is suitable for practically all hair typesshort, long, straight and curly, and lends itself to shoulder to many hairstyles.

It is often seen accompanied by short and smooth helmets oa bob and long bob and even if it was born with these types of cuts, they are certainly not the only ones to do it justice.

If you have a straight and very long hair you can leave it free to move in the wind or structure it by creating ringlets or waves moves.

Alternatively, even one ponytail or one high chignon they go perfectly with the baby bang fringe, especially if you love feminine and sophisticated looks.

Finally, curly hair can also benefit from this cheeky detail, especially if their cut is short and layered.