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ideas for the guest – The Wom Beauty

Lhe season of ceremonies is a real blender of commitments and, among a thousand things, it is essential to understand how to best make up. The watchwords? Lightness and long lasting.

Yes, that time has come: to start thinking like putting on make-up for a ceremony to which you have been invited. Because it is true that the attention will be all on the protagonists of the day, whether it is a wedding or not, but between selfies and photos in company who does not dream of a make-up worthy of a make-up artist?

The answer is obvious, but if you often lose days and perhaps weeks to find the dress and accessories, while for the makeup you always opt for a last-minute make-up that often follows the look that is used every day.

Obviously, keeping your style is absolutely not wrong, on the contrary, but sometimes it is good to take some precautions or choose a lighter style for such important days. And, on top of that, remember that your makeup will have to last for hours and hours and, on top of that, it will have to be tear-proof, happiness and joy, dance and laughter proof.

Too much indecision and lack of ideas? Here are some ideas, and advice, for the perfect wedding make-up as a guest.

The base

The first thing to think about, of course, is the base which has to be really long-lasting. Don’t forget to take care of your skincare even more carefully in the days before and add a boost of hydration with a mask and moisturizing eye patches. Before the make-up, don’t forget the sunscreen that will protect you especially in outdoor events.

Then opt for a glow primer which will smooth, brighten the skin and make the makeup long lasting. Then add a very light base, perhaps a BB or a CC cream, to add uniformity to the whole face but with a super natural effect. The concealer, then, you will only need to illuminate the darker areas of the eye contour and, finally, a very light powder to be used only in the critical points.


We will never stop saying it: eyebrows are very important. The trends of each season tell of different styles and moods, but when it comes to ceremonies, the number one rule is to stay natural.

As the rule teaches, the eyebrows must always be combed upwards but do not think about the bushy brows effect (which for many could be too much), but only a neat and disciplined bow. Do not forget to fill in the missing spaces, preferably with a powder that is not too dark and fixed with a gel or a dedicated ointment.

The blush

Better a blush on darker tones or an orange one? Or better still one full of duochrome glitter? The answer is difficult, but if you love bucolic and extremely natural looks, opt for a pink tone, typical of the bonne mine effect.

Doubt if in cream or powder? Opt for the more liquid formulas if you are comfortable with consistency and are sure not to overdo it, while the powder version is also useful for beginners. Small tips: use the same color also on the eyes for a monochromatic and fairy look.


Nudeeasy and safe: this is undeniable and wearing it on the lips allows you to gain confidence, both in the look and in the case of tightness during the moment of refreshment.

But why not try to go further and change the rules on the table? Yes the red it fits and if you feel comfortable use it without fear. He remembers, however, that you have to set it well and, in addition to a primer and a lip liner to contain it, he opts for a matte and opaque formula that will last all day.

But between the two extremes, of course, there is a third way and it’s our favorite: coral and pink tones. Intense colors, with a semi-opaque finish that will allow you to shine during the day and, for an even more romantic effect, you can simply apply them by tapping, even with your finger, gently on the lips. The effect blur lips seen on the catwalks in an instant it will also enrich your wedding look.

The colorful makeup

For whom trick means color, this cannot be missed even during a ceremony. It is not easy to choose the right colors and balance them in the right way, but don’t underestimate the idea of ​​using a gradient when it comes to the eye makeup.

The base will remain natural, super natural, but what makes the difference will be that touch of color that you add on the eyelid. One idea could be the use of a duochrome pigment that changes and transforms according to the light: luminous for day ceremonies, magnetic and intriguing for dance evenings.

A real halo make-up that you can do even at the last minute, but in this case remember to do the eye makeup first and then the face base. Only in this way will you eliminate any powders that have fallen on the face which, with colored eyeshadows, can often happen.

The pastel makeup

Delicate and romantic: if you have been invited to a spring wedding pastel make-up is the perfect choice. Easy to make, because even a single color is enough for a complete look, it will also allow you to match your chosen look or accessories.

A bucolic image that, however, needs some little attention: if you want a full color, apply a creamy white base. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more desaturated color, remember to apply a flesh-colored primer to give tone to the color.

Complete it all with lots, lots of mascara, and leave your face naked: eyeshadow will dominate your super cool make-up.