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Chicken breast with pizzaiola

The chicken breast with pizzaiola is a variant of the classic meat with pizzaiola, a perfect recipe for flavoring the very simple chicken breast. Also in this case you can use the sauce to season the pasta, but since there is cheese I rather suggest some good fresh bread to make a rich, very rich shoe: you will delight!
In this recipe there are those who use capers, others nothing: I add some green olives, I find that it contrasts perfectly with the sweetness of the tomato giving the dish a nice extra edge, but you try the various versions and tell me which one you prefer 😉

Procedure for preparing the chicken breast with pizzaiola

Cut the mozzarella into slices and leave it uncovered in the fridge, so that it dries a little.
In the meantime, clean the slices of meat, removing any residues of cartilage or other with scissors, then cook them for 4-5 minutes per side in a large non-stick pan, with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt and pepper and , once cooked, remove them from the pan and keep them warm.

Prepare the tomato sauce in the same pan: brown the garlic with the oil, then add the puree and reduce for at least 5-10 minutes.
Add the meat and the olives and season with salt and oregano, letting flavor well on both sides, then put on each slice of chicken 1 slice of mozzarella and a pinch of oregano, cover with the lid and cook until the cheese will not have melted.

The chicken breast with pizzaiola is ready: serve, decorate with fresh basil and serve.