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The fried aubergines they are an absolutely delicious preparation, which you can taste like this with an addition of salt and pepper or use for many recipes, from pasta to parmigiana. Eggplants are good, indeed, very good, but they have a flaw: they tend to absorb a lot of oil in cooking, so you will have to be careful to fry them in hot oil (without it reaching the point of smoke, of course) and let them dry well afterwards on paper. from the kitchen. For an ideal frying, I suggest you sprinkle them with a little semolina and then use peanut oil, which has a higher smoking point, or olive oil, which however will tend to make them a little heavier. so I prefer the seed one 😉


Procedure for preparing fried aubergines

Wash the aubergines, peel them by removing the 2 ends and cut them into slices of uniform thickness.

Pass the slices in the semolina trying to make it adhere well with your hands on both sides.

Fry in a large pan, in already hot oil, turning them to brown them evenly, then drain them on kitchen paper and salt them to taste.

That’s it: the fried aubergines are ready.