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The braids on Valentina Ferragni’s tendrils are a real summer chic touch

V.Do you also want a hair that smells of summer, lightness and romance? Then you absolutely must try the braids on Valentina Ferragni’s tendrils, the cool hairstyle we’ve been waiting for

If there is one thing that Valentina Ferragni is never wrong, it is the choice of the look and in particular of how to style her very blond hair. And this time she too showed herself on her Instagram profile with a top-of-the-line hair and with some pigtails on the tendrils which are a riot of lightness and desire for summer!

A hair look that mixes the two trends of this new season in one go. The braids, loved by celebs and not only in every minimal version, and the tendrils. That is the two tufts of hair at the forehead line usually left free and loose from the rest of the hairstyle.

As if to frame the face with a magical romantic effect and super chic. And that the well-known influencer has decided to enhance even more by weaving them into two splendid mini braids. A hair look that she knows of summer, of desire for fun and joy. By joining the trend inspo most loved of the moment to the natural delicacy of the loose hair. For a refined but at the same time wild result.

In short, the braids on Valentina Ferragni’s tendrils certainly cannot go unnoticed and are the true inspiration for super trendy and absolutely irresistible hair. To show off both with a casual and colorful look like the one chosen by the influencer, and in a more elegant and sophisticated version. Maybe combining it with a beautiful super romantic white dress and delicate makeup. In perfect boho chic style.

If you are wondering how to make them, then, know that it is really very simple. To make them, simply separate your two tendrils at the headline and intertwine them in two soft pigtails. Leaving the final head rather long, so that it conforms to the rest of the hair for a natural and harmonious result. And that’s it. And if you want your hair to be a real tribute to the summer, let it dry in the wind for a while wave effect super cool and that chic summer touch that makes you love this season so much.

Elastics in your hand, therefore, you just have to try to make fantastic braids on tendrils, showing off a screaming hair and a hair look like a true style icon.