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the squiggly nail art- The Wom Beauty

Land sea waves seem to be the first inspiration for this nail art where swine shapes, and trendy colors, are the masters.

Impossible to deny it: social networks are now our main source of inspiration. Look, make-up, skincare, nail-art: a couple of scrolls are enough, sometimes less and a few taps to find the to do for your new style. And it is undeniable, that right from here, also the hot trend of the moment and that we will see, everywhere, both on the smartphone screen and in real life.

Just like the Squiggly Nail Arta proof of manicure beginner that will make you fall in love at first glance on your feed. Made of sinuous lines, curves, waves that are sometimes not very precise or that alternate with each other according to a method, but without precise rules.

In short, a really easy nail art that, in no time at all, will take your manicure to the next level, passing from full and bold colors to more delicate and refined nails. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, here you will find the coolest inspo to copy without fear.


Those who love minimal often overshadow the possibility of doing a nail art because, for some, it is too much. This option, simple, clean and linear, is instead a perfect idea to be replicated also to change the mood a little.

Pastel Squiggly

Do you want light and delicate colors? The answer is in pastel shades that, even in strong contrast, go perfectly together in this sinuous manicure made of light curves. Great idea on medium length nails.

Monochrome Squiggly

The colors to match are not always easy and, to take the first step, you can opt for a monochromatic manicure by opting for one of the trendy shades of the season. Trust me, you will love it.

French Inspo

The French manicure is a rediscovered nail art but, today, it is enriched and made unique by small touches of color. Just like the sinuous shapes that not only color, but form the real French moon.

Black & White lover

Black and white is a great classic and, even in this case, it cannot and must not be missing. The color contrast, on the nude base, will make this style with a minimal mood even more elegant and impactful.

Squiggly and short nails

It is usually thought that nail art are only and only designed, created and created to enrich long nails. Yet squiggly nails also pair perfectly with shorter lengths, just like these.

White Squiggle

Who says white can’t be an elegant color? This nail art proves that with a fine brush and full color, this shade can also be perfect for more formal situations.

Neon nails

More difficult than you might think, but this neon gradient version isn’t as complicated as you think. What is needed? A thin brush and a lot of patience. But doing it is possible.

Y2K inspiration

A jump into the past. A trip to the 2000s. Could the Y2k trend be missing even in the world of nails? Absolutely not and, for us, this is the perfect version to reinterpret it.

Bold Squiggle

All or nothing: if that’s your life motto, then try this super bold version. Yes, mistakes are allowed here; then just cover them with the next color.