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The most beautiful chignon hairstyles to copy

The chignon is one of the most classic and versatile hairstyles there is, from the simplest and most elegant to the messy, decorated, high or low. In this article let’s see some inspirations together which will allow you to choose the most suitable for your hair type and features and how to stop it correctly so that it lasts a long time.

Classic low bun

To create this hairstyle I recommend part the hair in the middle or sideways depending on where you bring the line, at this point maintaining the separation chosen as a legal reference in a tail on the nape with an elastic to maintain a firm base that does not make the tufts “slip away” during the day. You can decide to free some strands on the front if you don’t like the effect too pulled. Once the tail is made, turn it around on itself and then around the elastic, fixing it with hairpins or spider clips of the color of your hair. The result will be a stable and neat hairstyle suitable for any occasion. Perfect if you have square features, a round face or often wear a central or side parting.

My advice: you can also take advantage of it on hair as soon as it has been washed, combing it all back in fact the effect of the hair on the second or third day after the shampoo will help you to put it in order correctly and you will not notice if it is not very clean. For an extra touch of elegance, especially indicated if the occasion is the evening, add a gel or a hairspray and comb the hair several times to pull it well. If you want to avoid the ballerina effect, on the other hand, once you have fixed the bun with the pegs, fluff it a little, spreading it out with your fingers and making it messy enough.

Messy bun (the messy bun)

It sounds easy but it’s not, it’s about recreate a messy effect without it actually being. We don’t want it to look like we slept with our hair tied like this but we aim more for a natural casual effect. In this case you can either choose to create the high pony first, it will be easier for you to establish the height and decide when to “mess up” your head, or directly to do everything with just one elastic.

The trick is to never tie your hair too tight. If you do the tail turn upside down, tie it up and then loosen the elastic a bit. Pull out some strands of hair on the temples or on the sides of the ears and when you like the effect with another elastic fix the tail by twisting it on itself. This last step may not give you exactly the effect you expect: play with the bobby pins, pin or release certain parts of your chignon according to the shape and volume you want.

My advice: be careful not to overdo it with the mess, it is a soft hairstyle that tends to give way slightly during the day. Better a little tidier to avoid it becoming too chaotic and making you look just disheveled.

Chignon with scarf

The foulard can be applied to any type of chignon but on the low one in my opinion it makes beautifully. Choose a colorful one, matched to your outfit, your swimsuit in the summer or to revive a more sober look. Just follow the instructions to create the bun you prefer and then roll the bandana around the elastic.

My advice: choose a scarf with elastic or a bandana that is not too long, you don’t have to cover the chignon but only surround and decorate it. A too voluminous foulard risks hiding it and the hairstyle loses its elegance.

Elegant with the braid

If you have long enough hair this hairstyle can become one of your favorites. The chignon comes elegantly decorated with a braid of your hairso as to also hide the elastic and any hairpins.

After making a ponytail at the height you prefer, leave a strand of about two fingers free and roll up the bun with the rest of the hair. Then make a braid with the left strand, lock it and turn it around.

My advice: make sure your hair is long enough to go all the way around the bun. For the height the advice is to avoid the intermediate ones: either very high or low, so that the decoration can be seen well from as many angles as possible. You can secure the braid by inserting some bobby pins through it and literally making them “fit” into the bun.

Space buns

My favorites, the space buns which are nothing more than two side buns on the top of the head. Cheeky and easy to do, both for an elaborate look and for collecting hair quickly in an original way.

Part the middle and comb your hair upwards, in this way you will not have unsightly bulges and will lift your gaze. Then twist each pigtail on itself and then group it securing it with clothespins. You can choose them colored, to be applied all around to make them even more fun.

My advice: this hairstyle is good if it is symmetrical, so you can first do two high pigtails by fixing them with rubber bands to make sure they are at the same height and distance and then proceed with the buns. Try not to make them too low and lateral, the ideal is to fix them at the top of the head or very low on the nape.

For medium / short hair

If you have short hair and you prefer not to tie it tightly to avoid reducing its volume, you can opt for the “half chignon”. It is certainly the simplest to do but works well if you don’t have excessively long hair.

Just make a tail and leave it halfway between the elastic on the last lap. You decide how much to pull the tail out of the elastic in order to have the bun of the size you prefer, then you can leave the remaining hair free or turn it around the elastic and secure it with a hairpin. Part the ponytail a bit with your fingers and pull out a few strands from the front.

My advice: this type of chignon is very fast and it is easy for it to be messy; being a soft hairstyle choose to do it when you have clean hair and, if you can, make a smooth fold so that the part that will remain outside the elastic will also be tidy up to the ends.

And how do you usually do your bun? You can also rework the various ideas by mixing the techniques together to get your very personal signature hair with which you will always be recognized!