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Strange but true, I realized that I had never posted one of the most classic recipes there is, that is thechicken salad. Good, fresh, light… what more could you ask for in a salad? Ah, right: it’s also a great way to consume some leftover chicken or whatever you made the broth with. In short, I’m sure many of you have your very own special recipe to prepare thechicken saladthis is mine … and after having proposed the one with potatoes, the one with lemon and even the Caesar, I would say it was time to post this too 😉


Procedure for preparing the chicken salad

First, cut the chicken into strips and cook in a non-stick pan with salt and oil, stirring often.

In the meantime, prepare the other ingredients: pitted the olives, desalt the capers, peel and wash the rocket, peel, wash and cut the celery into chunks.

Assemble the salad: arrange the rocket first, then the chicken, then the celery, olives and capers on a serving plate.
Complete with salt, pepper and mayonnaise (you can replace it with oil if you prefer).

The chicken salad is ready, you just have to serve it.