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Have you already heard of clean girl nails?

S.and you too want to embellish your hands with a simple, delicate and clean manicure, here is the one for you, the clean girl nails

And after the fluorescent colors, the glitter and all the various more eccentric trends for a super colorful and flashy manicure, here is simplicity again. With the clean girl nails, aka clean girl nails. The one next door but absolutely stylish, chic, elegant and, needless to say, trendy.

Why yes, clean girl nails s are already going crazy among social networks, with millions of likes on the many and always different possibilities to show off hands and clean looks but always original. But what exactly are clean girl nails? As the name implies, this manicure aims at essence, simplicity. A minimal nail art, elegant and super chic. Which enhances the hands in a natural way and with colors that go from peach or apricot to nude, from antique pink or sugared almonds to milky white. In short, a concentrate of naturalness and charm to be tried.

Which emphasizes the beauty of the nails with shades of almost imperceptible color but with an assured effect. And that it is suitable for any type of occasion or look. From the most basic to the most sought-after ones. Great to show off with a casual outfit but also with an elegant look. And of course also on the beach, why not.

A manicure and a trend that sheds any exaggeration to return to its most basic form. And which is also very simple to make. Just opt ​​for colored glazes subtle, delicate and almost invisible. The only really useful trick to never forget? The care of your nails. Via le cuticles and filings perfect are the basis for showing off a state of the art clean girl nails, where the nails are the real protagonists. In all their natural and always unique beauty.

And to embellish them with a very delicate extra touch? You can apply a small rhinestoneor designing a minimal detail in perfect “clean” style.

You just have to get carried away, or it would be better to say your nails, by clean girl nails. And immediately show off a simply perfect manicure that she will know how to give you fairytale hands on every occasion.