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Lily Collins, summer scent: the dark blond hair is the top

V.Do you want to light up your hair in a natural, harmonious and trendy way? Try Lily Collins’ dark blonde for a true diva look that’s hard to miss

It is now certain. When summer arrives, the desire to change one’s look by giving it a nice boost of brightness and freshness becomes so alive that it can no longer be ignored. And here even celebs let themselves be carried away by showing off new cuts, hairstyles and, above all, colors. Like the actress Lily Collins and its brand new Dark blonde that smells of summer in every lock.

A nuance that enhances Lily’s complexion in a magnificent way. And that makes her hair a concentrate of endless lightness and brightness. But be careful, because the dark blond chosen by the actress has a very specific characteristic. Beautiful colored reflections caramel or honey (obviously not too clear). For a color that not only gives light to the hair in a harmonious and uniform way, but delicately envelops the face in golden shades. Absolutely unique and irresistible.

A really good choice to start the summer with a look that will certainly not go unnoticed and that will also embellish your hair if you only want to let yourself be taken by it desire to dare and change by Lily Collins (and not only).

But who is this color good for? Assuming that everyone can decide to try the color they like most, it must be said that dark blond is particularly suitable for those with a fair complexion and light eyes or for those with a complexion. slightly amber and eyes in shades of hazelnut. Here’s why this shade looks so good on the talented Lily. Making it, if possible, even more fascinating.

Plus it’s a great way to donate greater shine and a slightly lighter tone to brown hair. Without upsetting your classic hair look too much but guaranteeing yourself a hair super shine with minimal effort. In short, the dark blonde of Lily Collins is really the hair trend to try immediately and from which to be inspired for a delicate but super cool change of look, like a true diva. And to make your already beautiful and sparkling summer that has just begun even brighter.