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5 steps for the perfect beauty routine

Reducing and correcting facial skin blemishes is possible. Thanks to the benefits of the Vinoperfect Illuminating Anti-Dark Spot Serum by Caudalie, N ° 1 of the anti-dark spots treatments in Pharmacy in Italy*. Spots on the skin are a common problem among women and can have different causes ranging from acne to age, from excessive […]

Gluten-free pancakes

THE gluten-free pancakes they are normal pancakes, only they are made with naturally gluten-free flour. I chose the rice flour and I find that they came out very good: delicate but tasty. Just like traditional pancakes you can garnish them as you like using fruit, maple syrup, chocolate flakes, powdered sugar, nutella or whatever comes […]

Ideas trends best short hair cuts spring summer 2022

Between short haircuts trends spring summer 2022 there are great reconfirmations, some returns but above all a mix of styles and cuts. THE short haircuts spring summer 2022 everyone agrees, those who love the short, those who prefer something in between, those who love geometric cuts and those who prefer something softer and less defined. […]

Baked mullet

The baked mullet they are a valid alternative to the classic sea bream. Being bottom fish, it is better to buy mullet of proven quality and freshness, also because it is a fish with soft and delicate flesh that deteriorates quickly: when you buy them, therefore, be careful that they have vivid colors, moist gills […]

All the makeup trends and trends spring summer 2022

THE spring / summer 2022 makeup trend they are a true melting-pot of styles, colors, inspirations and types of make-up. 2022 is definitely the golden year of makeup, the year in which you want to wear color again, to live it on your eyes and lips, in which you need freshness but also liveliness. And […]

the best to buy online – The Wom Beauty

LA nail cutter is an indispensable tool for an error-free manicure. Here are which ones to buy on Amazon. At the base of the Russian manicure, the nail cutter it is essential not only to eliminate semi-permanent polish or nail gel, but also to eliminate cuticles without the use of ad hoc oils or solvents. […]

Puff pastry pretzels

THE puff pastry pretzels they are a delicious and tasty idea, perfect for a buffet or as an aperitif. Practical and quick to make, these rusticini are ideal if you have guests at the last moment and want to serve something appetizing, or even if you want an afternoon of binge watching or a movie […]

why having it is the best – The Wom Beauty

THEunmissable in the beauty routine, the face cleansing brush is a super useful device not only for eliminating impurities from the skin but also for a much more effective skincare routine. A painting, to be such, needs a beginning and nothing better than a pure white canvas on which to layer, mix and mix colors. […]