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Roast Chestnuts

In the fall the world splits into 2 factions: the lovers of roasted chestnuts and those who prefer the ballotte. Seriously, I realized that, despite having posted the recipe for boiled chestnuts on the blog a few years ago, I never published the recipe for Roast Chestnuts. Well, I’d say it’s a serious shortcoming and […]

Halloween cake pops

THE Halloween cake pops they are cute little treats to look at and also easy to make. The bonus is that you can also use them to consume an leftover dessert (sponge cake, plumcake, simple muffins …). The flaw is given a little by the waiting times for the chocolate to solidify … But you […]

Zodiac and beauty tricks: the ones that make every sign shine in the fall

Autumn is the month of regeneration and each zodiac sign has its own beauty tricks to face it in the best way. L’Autumn usually it is the season in which most of all the desire to indulge in some extra pampering to start again with determination after the summer, also because skin, hair and nails […]

Autumn nails: why do they weaken?

UNails weaker and more prone to breakage in the fall? The reason is probably much simpler than you might think. Here are some of the most common causes and to which it is good to pay close attention. For nails that are always beautiful and healthy. You will certainly have noticed that, during the autumn […]

Gender fluid icons: him in a skirt and she in a turtleneck sweater

Lthe sum of their two years does not reach thirty-eight, yet they seem to have already introjected the three fundamental keys of living: simplicity, frankness, freedom. Madame and Sangiovanni plow the red carpet of the film dedicated to Caterina Caselli (their mentor) at the Rome Film Fest with the flames in the eyes typical of […]

Dalgona biscuits

THE dalgona biscuits are the kind of biscuits you see in the third episode of Squid Game, the Korean television series that has bewitched the world. Among the real games offered in the series, this is the one that, for obvious reasons, struck me the most: a game to play with biscuits? Here I am […]