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Glycolic acid cream: the best for exfoliating the skin

S.and you don’t like your skin (due to scars, blemishes and various marks), you should consider using a glycolic acid cream. We explain why and show you some products to try Among the best known exfoliating ingredients, theglycolic acid improves the appearance of the face, reducing wrinkles, discoloration, acne scars and in general all signs […]

Acid hair rinse: which hair is suitable for?

R.acid rinse on the hair? Absolutely yes. Here are the reasons why to do it, when to do it and how to take care of your hair in a targeted way according to its characteristics When it comes to natural cures and remedies to guarantee beauty and well-being to our hair, one cannot fail to […]

Acid rinse for hair: all the DIY recipes

C.Or is the acid rinse and what are the best DIY recipes for silky, shiny and super soft hair? Let’s find out together When it comes to beauty, you can’t help but think about them, hair. The frame of our face, capable of giving shine and radiance to the complexion, giving us an always impeccable, […]

Acid rinse, the magic touch for shiny hair

THEsuitable for all hair, even dyed ones, it helps to shine and fight frizz. If you want, you can do it as often as you wash your hair. See how and with which products Ever heard of acid rinse for hair? As the expression itself says, it is a matter of carrying out thelast rinse, […]