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DIY curly hair mask, recipes and advice for use

What is it for Hair masks are products capable of improving the appearance of the hair, making it softer and often shinier. Compared to the traditional conditioning conditioner, the mask is left on for longer, about twenty minutes and this allows the ingredients to act on the hair for a long time. Who has curly […]

Eco beauty tool, sustainable face and body care | Products and advice

Lby force of nature at the service of beauty for a moment of relaxation that rhymes with “green”. Today, making conscious choices with a low environmental impact is possible, choosing accessories made from recycled materials for the beauty routine. From skincare to hair products, in the gallery the green news to keep an eye on […]

Delicate eye make-up removers that do not damage eyelashes, products and advice

Belif, Aqua Bomb Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm. The ultra-sensory “sorbet” texture turns into cream and then into oil, allowing gentle cleansing and very effective makeup removal (even on waterproof makeup), leaving the skin hydrated and very soft. € 33 PIXI, Retinol Jasmine Cleanser Facial Cleanser. This creamy and moisturizing cleanser is enriched with vitamin A […]