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Biorevitalization: the face lift without a scalpel that changes the rules of aesthetic medicine

There biorevitalization is the new cutting-edge treatment of aesthetic medicine. Without a doubt, it keeps its promises: a younger face, zero recovery times, no pain and above all no scalpel. What else to want when our goal is act on the skin and renew it without permanent damage? Rejuvenate it is a desire common to […]

Semi-permanent make-up: an aesthetic tattoo with a natural effect

T.Would you like to always have perfect makeup, from morning to night, day after day, year after year? Semi-permanent makeup (or dermopigmentation) is the solution for you. Find out more Designed eyebrows, defined lips, dotted eyes: semi-permanent make-up fulfills all these desires. Also known as dermopigmentation or microblading, this is an aesthetic tattoo that aims […]

Laser hair removal: why is the medical center better than the aesthetic one?

Having the skin smooth and in order always, without the nightmare of waxing, depilatory creams and razors, has long been the dream of many people. Today it is possible to achieve this goal successfully thanks to cutting-edge devices. One of the most effective methods is certainly theAlexandrite laser hair removal which, acting from the bulb, […]

Aesthetic facial treatments: here are the best ones to try for a young, toned and compact face skin

17th December 2019 – We are used to thinking about beauty treatments such as massages or machinery to devote ourselves to body care, while for the face we tend to rely on the classic cleansing of the face, surgery or sessions that involve injections of hyaluronic acid, filler or botulinum. But there is a whole […]