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This is jaw contouring. With everything you want to know

V.iso square and mandible defined? Find out if jaw contouring is the makeup trend for you The summer is undoubtedly the trailblazer for new trends to be discovered and imitated. And also this year it has its new make-up trend. Let’s talk about the jaw contouring or of contouring of the jaw. The lower part […]

A, B, Contouring: everything you don’t know about the make-up technique loved by celebs

S.i writes contouring reads: sculpt your face with plays of light and shadow, but can you really do it? Let’s try it together Kim Kardashian was the pioneer of this technique but, now, it is within everyone’s reach. We are talking about contouring, the play of light and dark through theuse of bronzers and highlighters […]