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Reverse cut crease is the make up style you need to know

R.Invision of a classic Seventies, the reverse cut crease reverses the rules of eye make-up with an amazing result The make-up can be considered to all intents and purposes one art form and as such it has in itself almost the obligation of experimentation. Precisely for this reason there are always so many trends that […]

Curly bob: pros and cons before choosing the cut

S.Choosing to cut your hair, especially when it is curly, is a very important decision. That’s why it’s good to evaluate all the positive – and negative – aspects of a bob cut. From styling to face shape, there are many factors to consider: a careful analysis, however, will make the result perfect. The era […]

The cut to always be at the top in 2022? It’s the bixie cut!

D.straight from the end of the last millennium a crazy hair trend returns to impose itself, destined to be the most requested of the year: the bixie cut The 1990s and early 2000s they returned and the proof is given by the numerous trend inspired by that period that they are gradually regaining a place […]