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Acid rinse for hair: all the DIY recipes

C.Or is the acid rinse and what are the best DIY recipes for silky, shiny and super soft hair? Let’s find out together When it comes to beauty, you can’t help but think about them, hair. The frame of our face, capable of giving shine and radiance to the complexion, giving us an always impeccable, […]

5 DIY masks to protect your hair from the cold

R.natural wellbeing products for a healthy and shiny, cold-proof hair With the arrival of winter we find ourselves putting into action a whole series of new habits that inevitably pass also for beauty. The skin, as well as the body, needs protection, especially when we go encountering colder temperatures. AND woe to forget the hair! […]

DIY colored braids: how to make them on your hair?

Land colored braids are a fun and cheeky hairstyle, capable of embodying the soul of summer, holidays and carefree. But not only that, because the braids, colored or natural, are much more: for afro hair, in fact, they are a real protection shield. The first thing to know about colored braids is that it’s not […]

Nail masks – the best DIY

C.How to get your hands on top on every occasion? Also taking care of the nails! Here are 10 DIY nail masks to strengthen them and make them grow faster. Guaranteeing you always beautiful hands. Having beautiful hands is a common desire. And what is the part that stands out the most? Certainly the nails. […]